Walmart White Plains NY / harrasment at work managers abusing authority

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Phone: 914-285-1070

Started work at walmart as overnight maintenance, in august 2011, until may 2012 to make a long story short I was harrassed for 9 months by and assistant manager named jermaine as well as tina and tahir but mostly jermaine. I never spoke up about it to upper management, because I felt that I came to work and try to do everything they ask me to do and fast and work hard they would eventually stop bothering me or harrassing me. However that did not stop them from doing that I always came to work broke a sweat did whatever they asked me to do and worked hard and complete my tasks and never bothered anyone would be working and moving the whole time I worked there. But yet they were truculent towards especially jermaine, even some of the employees use to ask me why did the managers always pick on me, and one believed jermaine had something personal against me. There was one employee who I happened to be friends with who I noticed everytime I was around him or spoke with him the managers would get even meaner or after I came from lunch. Im wondering if they since all the managers are gay or bisexual if they somehow new about my sexuality and if thats why they bothered me, and possibly liked me? If so being mean isnt the way to go about it and eventually I got fired for telling the manager Jermaine off am I really a bad guy for that? After being harrassed 9 months how much could a person put with or take, Im just posting this because I want everbody to know the kind of jerks youll deal with working in this store.

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