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Walmart / fraud and cheating!

1 WV, United States Review updated:

Consumers Beware, don't purchase Walmart Black Friday Doorbuster specials on anything you may have to return. This is what happened to me. I purchased an Emerson 19" LCD HDTV on Black Friday for $198.00 for my son as a Christmas Gift. The purchase was made at the Clarksburg, WV store. When we opened it and hooked it up on Christmas, it didn't work. We had sound but no picture. We boxed it back up and with receipt in hand, I returned it the day after Christmas to the same store as purchased. To my delight, there was no line for returns! I told the cashier the problem with the TV and that I wanted to exchange it for another one. She scanned the TV and my receipt, and cheerfully told me I was in luck because that particular TV was still on sale. Her comment confused me somewhat, since I only wanted to exchange it for the exact model I wasn't sure what that would have to do with anything. She said since that was the case she would issue me a cash refund, and I could just go back and repurchase another one.

My two sons and I headed back to the electronics dept. and quickly located the same TV. However, when I looked at the price, it stated $287.oo. We put the TV in the cart and took it to the register in the electronics dept. and asked a nice young man there to scan it. I explained the situation to him, and after scanning the TV he said it had a different SKU and that it was the same model, but they change the SKU after black friday. The department head whose name was Bonnie came over, and we explained to her that I wanted to "exchange" and that it was the same TV. She very rudely stated NO, and said that was just how it was. If I wanted that TV, I would have to pay the difference. I could not believe what I was hearing. How can they do that? She said black friday specials have different SKU numbers, even though they are the same item, and it was that way at any store, not just Walmart. I disagreed with her, and after telling her that I doubted that other stores had that same practice, decided I would take my $$ and buy a TV elsewhere, even if I had to pay more. On the way out of the store, with my 18 year old son prompting me, we stopped to speak to an assistant store manager. I explained everything to him, thinking all the while that something is very wrong, and I'm sure he'll fix it. After making a call back to electronics, he told me No sorry, that was just how it was, and it was Walmart's policy. So I proceed to ask him if what he is saying is that Walmart purchases items from wholesalers, stocks them for Black Friday at discounted prices, then changes the SKU and increases the price afterwards. THEN, when innocent consumers purchase items that don't work, return them WITH receipt and ask to just exchange for the exact same item, they cannot because the SKU and price are different. If the consumer wants the same item they must pay the difference?? HE ANSWERED YES THAT IS WALMART'S PRACTICE.

I gave him an earful, as well as the people in close proximity to me, and went over to speak to my Mother who works there, and was going on lunch break. I told her about the issue, and after she returned from clocking out, she said she spoke to another manager and that she wanted to speak to me. I went to her, and told her the problem, and she did say that although it was not company policy, she would make it right. I followed her to electronics, and she did help me and make it right by giving me the EXACT SAME TV WITH A DIFFERENT SKU AND PRICE, for my original purchase price. However, I might add that while she was doing the override on the electronics department register, BONNIE, the dept. head was there and put her rudeness back to work by stating that she didn't know why I was getting to do that when they wouldn't even do it for associates. If I were her boss, she would have been fired immediately for saying that in front of a customer. WE GOT THE TV, AND IT WORKS, SO THANKS FRANCIE FOR YOUR HELP, YOU ARE GREAT. The rest of WALMART can kiss my @**, cause I'm taking the roughly $10,000 I spend annually there somewhere else. DO NOT BUY BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS AT WALMART IF YOU MAY HAVE TO RETURN THEM. BETTER YET DON'T BUY THEM AT ALL!!!

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  • Ja
      15th of Sep, 2007
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    Wal-Mart - Fraud and cheating!
    United States

    In Independence, MO, Wal-mart seems to have implemented some fairly extreme methods of shoplifting prevention. I say this, because I have been detained at the store on two separate occasions until I have shown proof of purchase for each item and the item itself.

    On the first occasion, I purchased a $13 dollar game controller. I was asked to show my receipt by an employee as I was leaving the store. I kindly said no thanks, and continued outside. Although no alarm went off when exiting, a security guard followed me out of the store and demanded that he be shown the contents of the bag I was carrying. I refused, at which point he took the bag from my hand and searched through it himself. After removing the contents of the bag he asked where my receipt was. Unfortunately, the electronics employee had stapled the receipt onto the bag. Somewhere the receipt had fallen off. It could have been when the security guard took the bag.

    At this point, he was sure that I had stolen the item and escorted me back into the building. I identified the teller that checked me out, and he said that I had purchased the item. I was still unable to leave though. I was informed that they had to look the purchase up in the database before I was allowed to leave. Thirty minutes later, I was allowed to leave the store with my game controller after they printed off another receipt which they then made me show the person at the front.

    On the second occasion, Wal-mart was the only store open at 1 am, so against my better judgment I stopped there to pick up an electronics device that I needed. To my amazement, a similar thing occurred. As I was leaving the store, I was again stopped by a security guard. This one had actually seen me make the purchase for the item I was carrying. He had seen the lady put the product in the bag. He told me that he needed to see what was in my bag. I refused to show him what was in the bag, but I produced a receipt of my purchase. He said it wasn't good enough, and that they needed to check the contents of the bag. Again I refused, and sure enough it was taken from my hand. He then handed it to another person which took the item somewhere else, brought it back, and then said it was "ok". I was then able to leave.

    I figured the first time was just unluckiness and some ill-informed employees. After happening two times in a row, I am convinced that this is store policy. The security guards dress in attire similar to police officers and carry a very intimidating tone. They are brutes. I called the store manager, and he just ignored me. I'm waiting until tomorrow to get in contact with someone higher up.

  • Hk
      13th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    You should have showed your receipt to begin with ...what was the big deal?? That just showed a suspicious cause to detain you right there...DONT BE A SMART ### NEXT TIME...SHOW THE DAMN RECEIPT AND MOVE ON!!! are the kind of people that makes it hard on others when we shop ...GET OVER IT AND GROW UP!!!

  • Ma
      19th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was in your Boone Wal-Mart store on Sunday, May 18th, and overheard a conversation between two gentlemen in your photo center. One gentleman was taunting the other about a hickie on his neck. The young man was gay from the conversation that was taking place and the other man was being very vulgar and making derogatory remarks about his being gay. It was so bad I almost said something to the gentleman but then I thought I should talk to a manager about the situation. I asked for the store manager but he was not in. I was told that I could speak to the manager of the department and when I asked to have him paged they directed me to the gentleman in the photolab!!! Alan, the manager was the one who was making gay bashing comments to his underling Spencer. I could not comment to him but thought that someone should know about this. I may even go to a gay and lesbian website with this complaint because a manager should not bash an employee because of their sexual preference.

  • Bo
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    I was recently invited to a baby shower for twins. June 12th, I purchased two winnie the pooh pack and plays at your Gloversville, New York Store. When the boxes were opened, June 14th one box had shoes, clothes, a salt and pepper shaker, and other random items. This was extremely embarasing. I had to return the box of random items for a refund. We live and hour from the store. They are temporarily out of stock so I have to drive an hour again to purchase another one. This has not only been extremely embarasing, but with the gas prices very expensive.

  • Sa
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    Wal Mart - Fraud and cheating!
    Wal Mart
    United States

    I have a Wal Mart credit card. Why is it that when I go into the local Wal Mart to make a payment I’m told the date on the check MUST be that day’s date? When I receive your statement I write out a check using that day’s date, this keeps my records in order. Now I might not go to Wal Mart for several days, I do at least 90% of my shopping at Wal Mart, so when I present the check for payment why will it not be accepted until I change the date? I can understand not accepting a post dated check, that is with a future date, but what is wrong with my payment...

  • Gh
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    The big deal is they can't force somoene to show the receipt unless they have absolute proof that something was stolen.

  • Di
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    you are absolutely right .Wal mart is become No Smart

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