Walmart Super Center (Opelousas)walmart prepaid money card

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I added money to my prepaid walmart card in the amount of $105 on june 12th and I never used the card finally on june 19th I went to walmart to purchase a father's day gift for my husband and when the cashier swiped my card it continuously declined the transaction so I was embarred and confused but thank goodness I also had my debit card from bank and was able to purchase my items I called the number on the back of the card buy it was closed but there was an automated system that let me listen to the transactions someone purchase items for $69 then $100 on june 15th I called to speak with a store manager no one answered my calls the only person that had the card number was the customer service rep that works in the money card dept who added the money the night I added money I seriously beleive that she stole my info and made the transactions on my card I don't know what to do or how to get my money back or how to find out if it was her for sure but know one else has access to my card

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