Walmart Stores / doesn't cancel orders even five minutes after ordering

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I placed an order on and decided that the item was incorrect causing me to have to immediately cancel the order within about five minutes of ordering. I used the process to cancel as required, and I received a confirmation email shortly afterward telling me that the supplier had been notified of the cancellation. Two days later I get a message from the supplier that they don't pay for return shipping for an item that shouldn't have shipped at all! I then sent emails up both the supplier and to Walmart customer service with all the details. No response. A few hours later I got notification of shipment from the supplier from for an order I CANCELLED two days earlier! Is it take the money and run at Walmart!?? I WILL NOT PAY to return the item, and I will contact my credit card company to notify them of the erroneous charge.

Apr 03, 2017

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