Walmart Store In Calais Maine / employees need to be informed about how to cash a america express travelers cheque

Calais, United States Review updated:

I was shopping in Calais Maine, just last week. I am a Canadian from Halifax Nova Scotia. I asked the cashier if Walmart took a America Express travellers cheque and she stated that she did indeed. I signed and dated the cheque in front of her and gave her my passport as proof of you I was. The cheque was not accepted by the machine. She in turn went to the supervisor and together they did not know the procedure for cashing the travellers cheque. Since it was close to closing time I paid cash and left the store. I went back to the Customers Service desk the next day in hope that one of the staff members would know to process my travellers cheque as I had already signed it and could not use for another store. I was made to wait 45 minutes and believe it not not even the Manager Lynn could help me. I think something should be done in trying to educate these employees of Walmart in this process of handling customers and the procedure for cashing travellers cheques. I can see the future and if my $50.00 could not be handled properly I imagine there could be alot of other people who would come of this Walmart unhappy.

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  • In
      Jul 12, 2011

    First, I am sure they are not worried about losing the one or two customers a day who still use Travelers Cheques.

    Second, the machine denied the check not the person, sounds like they made it pretty clear they don’t want your cheque

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  • Ja
      Jun 04, 2012

    That's not right. They should have done everything they could to process the check. If they claim to accept them, then they should have figured out how to do it. If that means calling the head office or a manager who has the day off, then so be it. I've had run-ins with clueless Calais Wal-mart employees before - the least they could do is get somebody who can help you.

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