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I purchased a food product at the price shown and was charged a different price at the register. I took the manager and showed her the price shown, she, removed the price tag and said that it was incorrect. I did not purchase the article at the increased price at the register. If a price is shown on the product when it is purchased and is incorrect, that mistake should not be at the customer's expense. She refused to sell the item at the price that was marked, explaining it was priced incorrectly. It was a matter of only. 69 cents, but the principle of the matter is that the customer was paying for an employees mistake in showing the incorrect price. This is wrong and I will stop shopping there.

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  • Bi
      Sep 11, 2008

    This is one of the biggest scams going. Everyone does it.

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  • De
      Jun 16, 2009

    I was purchasing two items, one being a pk of 60 black & brown hair elastics. The tag for this item was upside down but read $3.50. The product was pushed back on the holder. Upon checking out, the total amount seemed more than it should have been so I asked how much they rang up as. The clerk told me $5.50. I then said the tag read $3.50. The clerk followed me to the aisle and I showed him where the product was located. He then stated he couldn’t sell me the item for $3.50 as it was not the price. He then looked over the hair elastic area and could not find one peg which had the correct price. (I might also note that at least half of the items did NOT have any pricing tags.
    The clerk then said that a customer must have put this back in the wrong spot. I said normally that would be so but since there were FOUR (4) of these on the wrong peg, I doubted it. I work in retail and if I had treated one of our customers like he treated me, I would be unemployed.

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