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Walmart Picture Studio Paducah, Ky Hinkleville Rd / ridiculous pricing

1 United States
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Well, the pictures were beautiful and the photographer was good, but their pricing is horrible now. Also, they don't tell you about the real deals. Those $5 and $7 packages are just to get you to come there and then they try to make you spend tons on all of these enhanced pictures for extra instead of letting you see the unenhanced ones as well. She told us that a digital cd was $119! They are nuts, you can get a $10 package and a digital cd at Sears for $40 pretty much all year around. If it were like that pricing, then we would have bought the cd too. They don't do proof sheets anymore either, which really sucks, I liked having those to reference for ordering more pictures, especially when you want to show relatives who want to order more. On top of that, she got my husband to buy a smiles club card. She failed to tell us (or we didn't hear her because she was talking like a million miles a second to try to sell the expensive stuff) that they have a gift collection which includes the smiles card for $30. Then she tells us that if we don't get one of those signature collections which are like freakin $60 and way more, that they charge a $10 surcharge to come in and get more sheets of different poses. They are crazy! From now on, it will be Olan Mills or Sears thank you very much. Walmart is too expensive on pricing for what they offer. Honestly, I have done pictures of my nephews and neices myself that everyone thought was professional and better than Walmart. It seems like no one likes what they do in general. Basically, Walmart is full of crap and any dealings with them or the stores inside the centers will leave you screwed. They teach them to hurry people in and out, sell them on as much as you can without giving them a fair deal, etc.

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