Walmart / pepsi cola 2-liter bottles

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I bought (6) 2 - liter bottles of pepsi products
(3) pepsi's
(2) mountain dew's
(1) dr. pepper

From the walmart near my house in salisbury md 21801

this is the only the 2nd time I have shopped there because I just moved to on october 1 2016. the first time I shopped there I had only bought (3) 2- liters and they were all flat in taste.
I just thought okay maybe I picked ones that had got shaken up so I brushed it off and didnt think anything of it anymore but when I purchased the (6) 2- liters this week and again they were all flat in taste. now I know theres no way I only picked out all the flat ones again.

So I am assuming either they were all flat or aleast most of them. I dont know how things are handled there at walmart with moving products to and from delivery to being put out on the floor or if may products sat out in the sun but I dont t I will be purchasing any more pepsi products from that walmart any more.

Even though they are pretty close to my house. I will go somewhere else.
This has been an inconvience for me to have to go some where else an shop so I was hoping you might be able to accomidate me due to me wasting my money on products that were flat. I have my reciept if you need me to prove I purchased these products.

Tammy collins
705 marquis ave
Salisbury md 21801


Nov 02, 2016

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