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So I have had a Walmart Money Card for several years now 2 different account one of which I opened a year ago to help start my business.Today I went to use my card and it was declined so I tried again at a different location and received a message that my card was bad.Upon contacting Walmart Money Card support I was first hung up on 3 times before I got any answers (for the record I was calm and not out of line in any way so being hung up on was uncalled for) finally I was told someone called in a week prior and complained about transactions on my card...however me nor the other person with access to this card had called.Thinking this was weird enough I thought well ok I have my info lets resolve this and get my card turned back on or a new card sent out...oh how I was wrong.They told me because I have multiple accounts with them that have similar info so I can no longer use their service and only if they decide it is their mistake will I ever be able to use this service again with my old or any new cards.Oh and did I mention all my money on my account is being held until I send them copies of my social security card, drivers license and a bill with my name and address and seeing as how that's how my bills are paid they will contact me within 2 business days to talk further(how caring of them) anyways this service liek many other big company financial services will take your money and only release it to you if they see fit!

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  • Ge
      3rd of Apr, 2012

    I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account and would like to help. The prepaid WalMart card is managed by Green Dot.

    Please email them at customer.[protected] your name and contact information. They will research this matter and assist.

    GE Capital

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  • Mr
      16th of Nov, 2012

    I went to do a transfer funds to my walmart money card that I personally set up and since I cannot verifiy an address that I never lived at they cancelled the transfer and my card

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  • Ba
      21st of Jul, 2013

    I receved a Walmart money card that had $50.00 on it for Christmas from my sister, I just looked in my wallet and foun it It is July 2013 now I checked it last month and the money was still on it I checked it again They said my card number was invalid. I cannot get any response what a bunch they are. Now I know why Walmart is going to be put out of business.

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  • Br
      8th of May, 2014

    I have, (had) two Black Walmart money card accounts. One with my daughter who lives two states away, and one with my boyfriend who travels to other states to work. The account with my boyfriend was blocked so I called and the recording told me that "after the funds have been spent and the card was at 0 my account was closed and I would never be able to open another money card account." No explanation why? I can't seem to get through to a customer service rep. When I call I enter the card number and my verification. But it won't give me a prompt to speak to a customer service rep. My boyfriend uses this account to send me money to pay the bills. Are they going to close my other account too? My other account is how I send money to my daughter two states away ! Why can't I speak to anyone? Now Steve will have to use Western Union to send the bill money which costs a lot more. It's very upsetting. Especially when you can't even get a reason from them.
    Barbara Dill
    1274 W Hoff Rd
    Blackfoot ID 83221

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