Walmart Money Card / overseas

TX, United States

After buying the card for 3.00 and having to load 20.00 at the time of purchase I was already a little skeptical. The next day my husband needed to set up direct deposit so we called in to get the information. An overseas "specialist" answered and have us the info. We then thought everything was perfect. More that we are ready to move and the movers came today, we realize there is no money on the card. Come to find out the company was not able to verify his identity, but the first rep never told him that. We asked to speak to a supervisor and they hung up on us two times. Come to find out we were never supposed to get the direct deposit information because the account was never fully set up. Needless to say, we have to wait two more weeks to get a paper check from his job. Then to add insult to injury hey tell us we have to purchase another card ad to maybe call in this time bc although activating through the internet is convinient its never garunteed to work. I will tell everyone to never get another green dot card.

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