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Walmart / lost my summer tires

1 Milton, Ontario, Canada

The story is rather long, but please bear with me. Last November I had scheduled an appointment with the Wal Mart Service Centre in Collingwood where my cottage is located to have my winter tires put on and my summer tires taken off. i don't usually have that sort of thing done there, but my regular garage was overbooked and couldn't accommodate me. When I arrived at my appointed time, I was told that no one had written it down and company policy is that if it's not documented on their appointment schedule, they don't do the service. Very frustrating, and even more so when at the time there were no cars in the service bay, one in the rear parking lot, and three technicians doing nothing but standing behind the counter. When I returned home to Milton, I called and spoke with the manager as had been suggested and was offered after much hesitation a $20 gift card which was to be mailed to me but never arrived.

Against my better judgement, I attended the Wal Mart Service Centre here in Milton (1280 Steeles Avenue East) on Wednesday November 19th, 2014. We just moved to Milton from Toronto in October, and besides Canadian Tire I was unfamiliar with other service centres so I decided to give Wal Mart another chance. I arrived at 8:15 A:M and there was only myself and another lady present as customers. The work order was filled out, and I was informed that my tire change and a lube, oil and filter would be about 2 hours. I went to a nearby coffee shop and worked on my laptop. At 11:00 I returned only to find my car still wasn’t ready. So I waited, and waited, and waited - very patiently. Finally at about quarter past 12 I was told my car was finished and I settled up. Invoice number #[protected], Transaction #141119[protected], Invoice total - $178.22.

My oil was changed, my winter tires were on my rims, and my summer tires were in my car. I returned home, and the summer tires went into storage for the winter in my shed. Fast forward to last Saturday. I had booked a service appointment at my regular garage to have the car serviced and the tires switched over from the winter tires to the summer ones. We dropped the car off and were told to return in an hour. We went for a walk, and upon our return were informed that they didn't switch the tires over because the tires wouldn’t fit on the rims? I thought they were joking with me, only to find that indeed - they were not! The tires that I thought were my summer ones are 18” - the wheels on my car are 17”. When the Wal Mart Service Centre in Milton did my service in November, they gave me somebody else’s tires in error. Understandably I was shocked and upset.

Upon my return home to Milton I went into the Wal Mart Service Centre in to report what had happened. I asked to speak with a manager but was told he was working off site. I explained the issue to the hapless technician who told me it was a “more common happening” than you would think! I also suggested that they look back at the invoices for the day in question to see who else had a tire switch but was told it apparently wasn’t that easy, and also they didn’t have any cameras in the service area back then - they were only recently installed in February. He said he “knew what the manager’s response would be.”, but went into the back and contacted him by phone. Some information was requested of me, I provided the invoice, and photos were taken. The technician did tell me that apparently someone had come in about 3 weeks previously reporting a similar issue. They might know where my tires are. Hallelujah!

With all of my information, I left with the assurance that someone would contact me in a few days. At 7:55 that evening I received a phone call from someone asking about my tires. Silly me, I thought it was the person who had them. It turned out to be a “supervisor” from Wal Mart by the name of Miles (only offered after I asked him who the heck he was). I thought was calling to tell me they found my tires, but apparently the story about someone going in was news to him, and they were going to find me “used” tires. Since my car has 117, 000 km, they were going to replace them with the same. First of all, my summer tires were purchased by me and paid for in cash in Collingwood for just over $900. I have been looking for my receipt, but as we moved to Milton from Toronto last October, some of my receipts were misplaced but I am still looking. Secondly, I have 3 cars, and the car in question is primarily used to drive to the cottage in the winter as it is All Wheel Drive. The summer tires at most likely only had 20, 000 km on them as hey - it’s Canada, and we spend the majority of the year in bad weather. The winter tires are typically installed in late October and removed in late April or early May. This “they had 100, 000 km nonsense simply doesn’t cut it with me.

As of this writing, I have spoken with 2 individuals at “customer service” who have claimed that I would first be contacted in 24 hours (never happened, and then in 5 days (my patience is wearing thin). After leaving a message on Miles (the apparent “supervisor’s” cell??), I got a call returned that said they were still looking for used tires. I’m quite concerned about this as how do I know for certain that these tires will be completely undamaged, and not have come off a vehicle that perhaps was involved in an accident? I look after my vehicles incredibly well, and I simply don’t want garbage pawned off on me to make me go away.

The tires given to me are 18” Firestone Firehawk, P225/60R18 99V
My tires were 17” Michelin Pilot Sport tires, P225/50R17 93V

Jun 7, 2015

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