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I too, work for "Wal Mart".
I am a Cart pusher/Wrangler/Courtesy Associate. We get pushed like slaves out in the Freezing and Rainy weather. All them Managers care about is themselves. They stand around all day, talk with other people and complain when something doesn't go their way. To tell you the truth, If I didn't have enough self control I'd explode in front of that store almost every hour.
Over Christmas now, the last 3 days before it. It as been raining non stop around 35*f . I worked all 3 days in the pissy ### weather. Soaken wet, that even my socks are now faded blue from my Jeans. I have got a massive headache, my throat hurts and it feels like every bone in my body got crushed. You know what "Wal Mart" would say? "Come to work! If ya aren't dead you can work!" Well guess what, I am to the point of telling my employer how things really are. I am not a god damn 10th Century slave and they just don't get that!
Cart Wranglers are the lowest paid, physical labor jobs you'll know. I'd much rather work for some other company that "Wal Mart"! I also would not recommend anyone this job. If ya have enough dignity, find you a better job.
I am a well educated young man that figured: "Hey Wal Mart has great benefits lets get a job there. As for my fellow CO-Workers would say. YOU PICKED THE WRONG PLACE TO WORK FOR!!!

Good Luck to all of you who experience the same kind of crap, that comes from your employer.
I've been working well over 8 years now, and this is by far the worst employer I've had other than the McDonald's in Heber-Springs also.

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N  26th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
We have this person working at my store. I will call him Mofu. Our store hires disabled people. One has Downs syndrome, the other has Aspburger(sp)

Out of a scale of one to ten, to him these disabled people rank negative 2, everyone else without a disability ranks five, and he ranks 100. He acts like he is better than everyone else.

He asked the person with down syndrome who reads their book to them. The person said she reads the book. He asked if she even knew how to read? she said yes and he questioned her and asked are you sure, because people with DS don't know how to read.

Mofu, then later harasses the person with Aspburger. He tells the people with DS and Asp when to eat, what to eat. He questions them when they tell them that they are able to do things.he even goes as far as feeling their soup bowls when they tell them their food is too hot. He tells them it is not too hot and they shold start eating and not stop until they eat everything. He follows them around telling them what to do, even threatened to send one of them home if they did not listen to him. Brags about how he coaches his daughter's hockey team and allows her to cheat so she can get the MVP trophy. Sits out disabled children.

Anyways one time he reached for the the bowl of one of the disabled employee, I pushed his hand away and told him it was none of his business to check other people's food. He accused me of hitting him. When it was later confirmed that I only pushed his hand away because he was interfeering with someone's personnal space. He lied and said I smacked him in the parking lot. The latest thing is he is threatening to have his six year old daughter lie and say that while he went to punch in I took her to the washroom and started touching her. He brags about how he makes his daughter play street hockey so she could be best on the team and punishes her if she does not at least score three goals by making her practise for hours.

Managers say they cannot do anything about this because there is no proof. He did get written up for discrimation. I am the only one that stands up to him. We had another manager that stood up to him, who left the company because they were treating him unfairly. Mofu keeps bragging that really it was him who got that manager fired he did not quit. I still contact him through facebook and he got written up for spreading lies about a former manager. Anyone else acting this way would be fired, but he acts all buddy buddy with the managers(then calls them names behind their back) He pushes them around. There are a few managers that he fears and who stand up to him, but not many. When they get transferred he makes himself big saying they are scared of me. He complains about every little thing, causes problems between workers. Yells and swears at customers. I have never smacked him. He is making up these lies only to get back at me for having him written up for discrimination. He is mad that someone stood up to him. Perhaps he needs one but I would never smack him. I am expecting a child in June and need the money and would not risk losing my job over some hot headed narrowminded jerk. One time when he accused me of smacking him I was out of the country and could prove it. When I presented the proof to the manager he took it out on friends who don't know how to defend themselves. He spreads lies about disabled people of what they can and can't do. He spreads lies about me smacking him. He is angry I still have a job since there was no proof of the "smacking "him. One customer came close to smacking him because he grabbed their child who was opening up a package and told them to close it back up and put everything away. The customer admitted their child was wrong but told him he had no right to grab the child. He lied about the customer saying they harassed him when he called security.
N  26th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have ADHD, when I stand up to him he tells me not to get ADHD on him. He tells me it is good that he isn't manager because he would never let incompetient people work.
N  26th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
One more thing the only reason they have proof of this bullying is because I secretly taped him on my cell phone and they caught the bullying and lying about what he said to disabled employees.
N  26th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Trevor you do realise that if he is threatening to have his daugter lie about being touched that he could be charged himself and lose his daughter. Just tape him when he is doing this and even if the managers cannot do something the police and CPS can do something about him talking sexual to his daughter in hopes to get you in trouble. Sounds like he is abusive and ignorant all the way around. I feel bad for the daughter having to "be MVP" or else prastise for hours til she is best on the team.
N  26th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Joshua, your store has a 90 day return policy or something. This one customer bought something more than 90 days ago. The sales rep at the desk said that he could not return it since it was over 90 days. He asked for a manager, they went against their own policy making the sales rep look like she did not know what she was talking about. It made her look stupid.
A  29th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I worked as a cashier, my glasses broke one day so I could not see well I went to work anyways so I didn't get in trouble I could not see at all the whole day. I finished my shift but the next day I called in so I could go get me some new glasses, when I called that day the manager I talked to said not to show up anymore because I was fired for calling in. I really really do not like this manager at all haven't since I started working with her.

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