Walmart / great value ready to bake pie crust

Appomattox VA, US
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I have used this product for many years but recently I bout a package with the two crusts in it to make a quiche for a friend and myself. I was shocked to find that the crust no longer fit the 9" pie plate that it is designed for. I did the best I could for the first quiche, but it did not provide the nice crust edge that I am used to. Today I made the quiche for myself. I blind baked the crust and when I took it out of the oven the crust had shrunk. I don't mean just a little. The crust shrunk down into the pie plate more than 3/4". I did nothing different than I usually do. Either the crust is being made smaller, which I think is the problem, because in the past I had a great deal of crust hanging over the edge that I would trim off. Now I didn't even have enough to roll the edge to crimp. The other possibility is that the recipe has changed. Either way it will no longer be my go-to crust for any of my quiches or pies that I bake. If I cannot count on a product to be right each and every time I use it than I can't use it anymore. When I bake for others it is terrible to make something and have it provide an inferior results and that is certainly what this Wal-Mart product has become, an inferior product that I can't count on.

Apr 04, 2017

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