Walgreensrepeated prescripton delays

I had thyroid surgery in my early twenties because of an over active thyroid (graves disease). For thirty years my levels were normal. Then, I developed hypothyroid symptoms which took my health to the extreme in the other direction.
After gaining 40 lbs and not being able to remember where I lived or who I was, my husband took me to an endocrinologist. Great decision. She put me on non-generic Synthroid.
I've been having my prescription filled for years (at least 10) by Walgreens since day one. They've always operated like clockwork as far as getting my prescription ready for pick up when the last month's supply was getting low - most times, three days ahead of schedule.
I wish I could brag the same great service I've been receiving for the past few months. Sometimes my prescriptions have been late a day or two.
This time I ordered on the 14th. By email Walgreens received my order on the 16th. My last pill was the 20th. I received an email on the 24th stating that they were unable to submit payment to my insurance carrier. Today is the 26th and it looks as if I'm not going to be receiving anything for the next few days.
I've got great insurance set up for auto pay every month. I'm up to date with ins info.
What I can't understand is why the service has taken such a dive.
I have a distant friend who was once a pharmacist at Walgreens in another town about 20 years ago. It was such a stressful job that she had to quit. (Maybe that CVS pharmacist with the very nasty attitude should consider the same thing.) I know that health insurance companies are leading us all around by the nose and can be difficult to deal with.
But why should that mean that any patient (not just me) should be left without their medication?

Dec 26, 2014

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