Walgreens Pharmacy Store#5327refused to fill prescription

I have been a customer at walgreens for over 20 years. I also take my prescriptions to other pharmacies where ever I can get a better price. I took my prescription to your store on Oct. 28 and was given a hard time from a male staffer and told he would not fill my prescription if I did not get all my prescriptions filled there. I get three of my prescriptions from Puplix because they are free and some from Walmart because they are $4.00. I have no insurance and try to get them filled at the cheapest place. I said ok and asked him to transfer them. I came in today to get a refill and I was refused a prescription refill and told from your staff to take my prescription to Walmart and get it filled since that is where I got most of my refills from. I am disabled and can hardly get around so having to come back to your store was so hard for me to get my written prescription. I have a legal prescription and should not have been treated like I was a criminal. So you will never me see me step in your store ever again. This was Store #5327 Lakeland, Florida

Dec 04, 2018

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