Walgreensovercharging of advertised sale items

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It's happened three times that I've caught it, who knows how many times I've been ripped off though - go through the check out line and they over charge for an item on sale.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA I usually don't catch it until after I'm done paying which means I have to go through the whole process of returning and re-buying. 3 times! Which to me means that they are either incredibly incompetent or purposely screwing us. The last item was last night - Nair pump was on sale - I was charged full retail, the sale price was ~ $ 2.50 less. I got the cash back but what if you bought a lot of things and didn't notice?

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  • Mo
      May 06, 2011

    Report them to weights and can probably google division of weights and measures/your state and get a number.

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  • Ta
      Jun 12, 2011

    You won't get anything. If the item is on sale there is probably something you are not doing to ensure you get the item on sale. For example, have them ring up the coupon or give them your rewards card. Simple as that. Just takes a little effort on your part.

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  • Lu
      Jun 19, 2011

    as the consumer, pay attention, the cashier has alot to do and its not their job to find the coupons needed, its yours

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  • Gl
      Jun 22, 2011

    There is something that you are not doing. It is not the cashiers job to baby you through every transaction. They have a long line of customers behind you, so take 5 mins to look at the ad. First off, make sure you have the right item. Just because it is the same brand does NOT mean its the one on sale. They have quantities restrictions for everything that is on sale, or it would not be a SALE. Two, make sure you give the coupon to the cashier, whether that be from the easy saver or the ad, or if you live in the states that have a rewards card, SIGN UP. Pretty sure every place you shop at has a rewards card. You can complain about it, but its not changing anytime soon. Three, pay attention! All the prices are based from a computer and computer software is faulty or there is a thing called human error. Make sure its ringing up the right price. If not, say so, but you do not have to be rude about it. You may not realize, but the cashier has no control over the prices, why the prices aren't ringing correctly and its NOT their job to make sure you are paying attention to the SALES you are trying to get. A sale- - - is not meant for everyone, so yes, you have to do a little work. 5 minutes tops and you wouldn't be on this complaint board. Finally, this is all about 2.50? Really? You got your money back, so I see no reason for you to complain unless you are just one of those unhappy people to always find something to make a WAR.
    P.S. Walgreens doesn't want your business. We are doing just fine without you. Hell, it might free up the lines a little and give us more business! So thank you!

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  • Mt
      Mar 15, 2012

    It seems to be common practice for Walgreens to "forget" an item was advertised on sale; it happened to both me and my spouse at different stores in different states. They must find this deceptive practice profitable because they have gotten to the point when you discover their "error" they never even apologize for it. If they really wanted to treat the customers fairly they'd pre program their registers to give the customer the sale price. Bandits.

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