Walgreens, Jake Alexander, Salisbury NC / pharmacy

I left Walgreens about 5 years ago because of the lack of interest the pharmacy had for me in seeing that I was aware of what is going on with my Rx; say it's ready when it's not, don't advise you that they are out and you are sick, standing in a line for 20 minutes (cause there are 6-7 cars in the drive thru) just to find out, "we are out"...that's after dropping off the Rx two days prior! Why do I give you my phone number if you don't use it!!! NOW, I'm forced to go back due to my Rite-Aid store being closed...I've had nothing but bad experiences since coming back, same as before. You were not ready for the extra people being forced out of Rite-Aid and into this store...the staff are slow, not enough staff and probably overworking the ones that are there...I used to get a call/text from Rite-Aid when my Rx was ready and the pharmacist would call me herself if there was an issue with my Rx...Now that my initial Rx's are filled again, I will be leaving again as your Pharmacy at this location is still the same, terrible service.

Jul 24, 2018

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