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Bad experience at the Wallgreens, the one at calhoun ruby isle area, 2205 N Calhoun rd WI 53005.
It happened on wednesday 13th, 2019.
The guy who was the cashier at that time around 3 pm said that I couldn't take a small cart, the one with the wheel and I haven't even shop yet and when I asked why he said "because I don't like it". He said this with a loud voice in front of a lot of customers. Was he trying to be funny..? I didn't think it was funny at all. 😡
That's not the way he should treat a customer just because I'm asian.
I'm not going to go to that store anymore... I'd rather go to another store, one who knows how to treat their customers with respect.

Feb 13, 2019
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  • Be
      Feb 13, 2019

    Oh grow up an move back to Asia if you are going to play the race card. You have no proof that he "mistreated" you because you were Asian. You are the true racist for ASSuming that this was a race related issue. Those that play the race card without proof are the real racists. You were not mistreated. Telling you that you cannot do something is not mistreating you. You sound like a two year old.

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  •   Feb 13, 2019

    Holy SHI7 what do you know about mistreatment? I have seen so many Asians push their elderly mothers out of the way of a seat in the subway! I hear nothing but you squawking at (not to) someone else. I have seen them take off their shoes AND socks ON AN AIRPLANE and walk around barefoot.

    You make your wife do all the child really AND household chores AND work a full-time career ( not just a job).

    Fvk off.

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  • Mi
      Feb 14, 2019

    Just try to go to a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. I promise you, you will be pushed by a fellow customer and they will be asian. I am sure we aren't hearing the entire story.

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  •   Feb 14, 2019

    @Mike EV You don't need San Francisco or a Chinese restaurant (Asians don't eat Americanized Chinese 'cuisine') to be pushed by an Asian. Just be a woman and give birth to one! Guaranteed to happen!

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