Wal-mart Stores, Inc. / horrible cashier experience

Kennesaw, GA, United States

I visited the Walmart at 3015 Cobb Pkwy in Kennesaw Ga. As a small business owner and mother, alongside groceries I bought a number of boxes for shipping purchases; and I had my kids with me.
As the cashier was checking out my items, she stopped when it came to my boxes and asked me if all the boxes were the same size. I answered that the sizes differed. She processed to ask which ones were different. As I was loading the items she had rung up into the cart as well as keeping an eye on my kids who had run off to the water fountain, all I could do was inform her that the boxes were in order of sizes.
She stood there just staring at the boxes then back as me. I went over the boxes and helped her count the first size of boxes - all 5 of them!! She rung them up as I continued to load my cart and watch my kids.
She asked about the next small boxes - how many were they? I told her that I didn't count them - that I just pick up a bunch of them... She was not ready to count them; and I decided at the point, that I was not going to help her. I could easily lie and say that I had 11 small boxes when they could have been 20... but I am a Christian. Eventually she gave in and started counting the boxes because the customer behind me was getting agitated.
After she rung them up, she left them right on the conveyor belt. This is the point that she is supposed to ask me " if I could like them to be bagged". And all she did was stand in silence. She wanted to me to pick them off the conveyor belt and put them in my cart. I acted like I did not get the hint. Few seconds later, she lifted the small boxes and tossed them on to the bagging section!!! And then she just glared at me.
The ID on my receipt is 7JYWFQ16LB25
Store number 03471
OP# 004988
TE# 04
TR# 07060

Jul 07, 2016

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