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Wal - Mart Pharmacy / prescriptions mess up

Mount Prospect, IL, United States Review updated:
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Over this past summer, I had a baby, and due to medical negligence, I got a terrible infection. Anyhow, after my first round of antibiotics were done, I had to go get does 2, so even though I wasn't feeling particulary well yet, I did need some things at Wal-Mart, and I did need my scripts' so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. Basically, I did overexert myself at Wal-Mart, I had just had a baby two weeks prior, I was recovering from a terrible infection, and yet I was throwing around a 20 pound bag of cat food and a 30 pound bag of dog food..anywho, it was time to turn in the prescriptions once I was done shopping. I go to the drop-off window where an older woman is just finishing up (so I know the pharmacist saw me). The old woman finished and the pharmacist is writing something down and looking at her computer screen..she didn't acknowledge me ONE TIME in the 15 MINUTES I was standing there, she nor I moved an inch! I couldn't believe how rude she was! I'm the type of person, who figured, well, I don't want to bother her, she looks busy, eventually she will get to me..but guess what, SHE DIDN'T, and she didn't even say hi, or say I'll be right there. Finally, I was just so mad that I left (I should've complained or been more assertive), but at that point I was so weak, and the antibiotics were so strong, they REALLY UPSET my stomach if you know what I mean. Anyhow, my granda has also mentioned that she hates that pharmacy..she says they always mess up her prescriptions, and that she has trouble getting there attention too.


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  8th of Mar, 2008
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We have shopped at WalMart for years, but dealing with their pharmacy is a lost cause. Dropped off my refill for my prescription a couple of weeks ago and was going to get it before we left the store. There was a long line at the window so we decided we would get it later when we got back to town again. (25 miles). The next time we were there, the line was longer than ever, and we didn't have an hour to stand inline, so we left again. The next trip to Walmart a week or two later we finally got up to get the prescription, The lady said that they send them back after nine days and it would have to be reordered and we would have to wait till it was refilled. I told her to forget it as we didn't have all day to wait, we would go to another store. Sure am not going to go back to Walmart again any more than we have to. I'll go to another pharmacy or order off line on the internet and get it in the mail. There are some very good pharmacies on line that we have dealt with before and Walmart is sure not going to get our business again. What a farce their service is. Especially the pharmacy.
  21st of Apr, 2008
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I would really like to know why it takes so long for Walmart pharmacy to fill a prescription. One was called in at 9am by the physicians office and not ready til after 5pm. Another one was called in around 10:55am along with the RX # and not ready until 6pm that evening. There is always a line to pick up prescriptions.
You would think that a store this size would be able to have it run alot more effeciently. When asked the staff why it took so long, their response was because we have so many customers.

If this is so, why would another well know pharmacy be able to fill scripts within 1 hour, sometimes even while you wait.
  12th of Jul, 2008
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I have 20 month old triplets and am due to deliver my 4th child in 6 days... everytime I call in a refill I have to provide a phone number in case of a problem with my prescription. On more than one occassion I have gone to pick up my prescription, very pregnant and with three babies, and it has not been ready or is out of stock for a few days... NO ONE EVER CALLS. Apparently my time and effort is of no value or importance to Walmart. A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!

Walmart at Kuykeydahl and 2920 Spring Texas
  4th of Aug, 2008
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These arnt even mistakes. It just sounds like any other pharmacy. If you dont work in a pharmacy you dont know the red tape the workers have to jump threw to get your meds. Especially if its any kind of schedule 2-5 medication. Besides no one is forcing you to go to that pharmacy. Be adults and quit complaining.
  5th of Oct, 2008
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For over a year and a half now, the first thing anyone visiting my little blog garden has seen under the headline at the top of the page is the promise that the question of “why does my prescription take so damn long to fill” will be answered. Tonight I looked over this blogs archives and realized it was a promise not kept. While many topics have been covered here, and you have been provided with ample evidence of how drugstore workday life does indeed warp the mind, the question of why it took 2 hours for you to get 20 Vicodin has remained unanswered. I can’t help but to think there may be someone out there who has been logging on every day for the last 18 months hoping in vain for this mystery to be solved. Should such a person exist, I offer my humble apologies. To everyone else, I offer the following prescription scenario:

You come to the counter, I am on the phone with a drunk dude who wants the phone number to the grocery store next door. After I instruct him on the virtues of 411, you tell me your doctor was to phone in your prescription to me Your Doctor hasn’t, and you’re unwilling to wait until he does Being in a generous mood, I call you doctors office and am put on hold for 5 minutes, then informed that your prescription was phoned in to my competitor on the other side of town. Phoning the competitor, I am immediately put on hold for 5 minutes before speaking to a clerk, who puts me back on hold to wait for the pharmacist. Your prescription is then transferred to me, and now I have to get the 2 phone calls that have been put on hold while this was being done. Now I return to the counter to ask if we’ve ever filled prescriptions for you before. For some reason, you think that “for you” means “for your cousin” and you answer my question with a “yes”, whereupon I go to the computer and see you are not on file.

The phone rings.

You have left to do something very important, such as browse through the monster truck magazines, and do not hear the three PA announcements requesting that you return to the pharmacy. You return eventually, expecting to pick up the finished prescription…..

The phone rings.

…….only to find out that I need to ask your address, phone number, date of birth, if you have any allergies and insurance coverage. You tell me you’re allergic to codeine. Since the prescription is for Vicodin I ask you what codeine did to you when you took it. You say it made your stomach hurt and I roll my eyes and write down “ no known allergies” You tell me……

The phone rings.

……you have insurance and spend the next 5 minutes looking for your card. You give up and expect me to be able to file your claim anyway. I call my competitor and am immediately put on hold. Upon reaching a human, I ask them what insurance they have on file for you. I get the information and file your claim, which is rejected because you changed jobs 6 months ago. An ### barges his way to the counter to ask where the bread is.

The phone rings.

I inform you that the insurance the other pharmacy has on file for you isn’t working. You produce a card in under 10 seconds that you seemed to be unable to find before. What you were really doing was hoping your old insurance would still work because it had a lower copay. Your new card prominently displays the logo of Nebraska Blue Cross, and although Nebraska Blue cross does in face handle millions of prescription claims every day, for the group you belong to, the claim should go to a company called Caremark, whose logo is nowhere on the card.

The phone rings.

A lady comes to the counter wanting to know why the cherry flavored antacid works better than the lemon cream flavored antacid. What probably happened is that she had a milder case of heartburn when she took the cherry flavored brand, as they both use the exact same ingredient in the same strength. She will not be satisfies though until I confirm her belief that the cherry flavored brand is the superior product. I file your claim with Caremark, who reject it because you had a 30 day supply of Vicodin filled 15 days ago at another pharmacy. You swear to me on your mother’s….

The phone rings.

……..life that you did not have a Vicodin prescription filled recently. I called Caremark and am immediately placed on hold. The most beautiful woman on the planet walks buy and notices not a thing. She has never talked to a pharmacist and never will. Upon reaching a human at Caremark, I am informed that the Vicodin prescription was indeed filled at another of my competitors. When I tell you this, you say you got hydrocodone there, not Vicodin. Another little part of me dies.

The phone rings.

It turns out that a few days after your doctor wrote your last prescription, he told you to take it more frequently, meaning that what Caremark thought was a 30-day supply is indeed a 15 day supply with the new instruction. I call your docotr’s office to confirm this and am immediately placed on hold. I call Caremark to get an override and am immediately placed on hold. My laser printer has a paper jam. It’s time for my tech to go to lunch. Caremark issues the override and your claim goes through. Your insurance saves you 85 cents off the regular price of the prescription.

The phone rings.

At the cash register you sign….

The phone rings.

…….the acknowledgement that you received a copy of my HIPAA policy and that I offered the required OBRA counseling for the new prescriptions. You remark that you’re glad that your last pharmacist told you you shouldn’t take over the counter Tylenol along with the Vicodin, and that the acetaminophen you’re taking instead seems to be working pretty well. I break the news to you that Tylenol is simply a brand name for acetaminophen and you don’t believe me. You fumble around for 2 minutes looking for your checkbook and spend another 2 minutes making a check for four dollars and sixty seven cents. You ask why the tablets look different than those you got at the other pharmacy. I explain that they are from a different manufacturer. Tomorrow you’ll be back to tell me they don’t work as well.

Now Imagine this wasn’t you at all, but the person who dropped off their prescription three people ahead of you, and you’ll start to have an idea why…..your prescription takes so damn long to fill.
  7th of Apr, 2009
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THANK YOU PHARMACIST...I can relate to that type of day...I can also relate to the little ol lady you explained 15 times why you need to call the dr to get new directions because the dr told her it would be ok to take 3 instead of two...and she still doesnt get it...i would love for these angry people to try it for one day and then see how much they complain...PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU'VE BEEN THERE...I don't come into your place of employment and carry on...if you have a bad experience...call 1-800-walmart...until you do...get over it!!
  17th of Jun, 2009
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I have witnessed two different Walmart Pharmacies in two different states with the same staff behavior. The Walmart Pharmacy in McAlester, OK has the slowest meanest staff in the world I thought until I started using the Walmart Pharmacy in Shelton, Wa. Same exact B.S. Super slow pharmacists, poor service, and in both stores getting in line and waiting your turn never works. You can be in line and the person at the counter might look up and take the first person that walks up and not give any consideration to a line of people waiting behind the sign that says wait here for the next customer service employee. Several times in the Shelton, WA Pharm. The person behind the counter will stop working on your prescription and talk to a friend who happens by, or someone that just randomly walks up and starts asking questions about some product. I was in a bad mood the last time it happened and said "you know you're supposed to be waiting on me and in doing so you're supposed to be polite and tell anyone else that just walks up and starts talking to you that your currently waiting on another customer and will get to them ASAP." I just got a dirty look and they kept talking to the person who rudly walked up and interupted my transaction. I turned to the line of people behind me when I was finished and said good luck getting help from this lady.
  17th of Jun, 2009
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I owned an ex-walmart pharmacy pill counter at one time. I guess it was decommissioned and given to a hospice. You could throw a hand full of anything into it and it would count it. Beans pills what ever and do it as gravity pulled the objects through it. Several hundred pills in seconds. Printers I've owned will print a lable in seconds. Patient information on a computer is accessible at the blink of an eye. These things are all available in the real world at real world speeds. Somehow this equipment time warps at a Walmart Pharmacy and takes way more than an hour in some cases to do what can be done in the real world in a matter of seconds. Solve the time delay for electronic equipment behind the counter in a Walmart Pharmacy and you'll figure out why Walmart Pharmacies are the slowest in the world. Don't even try to figure out the issues with rude staff and mistakes made at a Walmart Pharmacy, just figuring out the time delay thing will help me.
  6th of Oct, 2009
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Wal-mart on Hwy-14 in Lake Charles, LA has given my medication to someone else. They even called the woman they gave it to and the woman said she was charged for it but did not receive the medication, someone is not telling the truth! It was turned in to medicaid, no one is doing anything about this! If a drug head is going around getting a bunch of medication they get caught and in trouble, how is this o.k. and no one gets in trouble for it, it doesn't make any sense. They have a camera, why can't they look at the film to see if they gave the woman my medication. We tried contacting the home office for wal-mart pharmacy, that's a joke, it doesn't look like it does much good to complain.
  28th of Aug, 2010
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I also have had my medication taken. They didn't do anything about it except send me an apology letter and that their looking into it, yeah right!
I had to use one of my own refills to redo my medication, so therefore I'll have to go back to the dr and pay a $75 office fee so I can get more refills. I mean, granted is was for a hormone pill, Estadiol, and I don't know why anyone else would pick it up, using my name and b-day but why couldnt of they looked on the camera or the time for which they signed for it and find out?
I still go there for my meds, or else go 45 miles to another pharmacy, but since this happened, they are less than friendly with me. It wasnt my faut they messed up. What happened to checking the driver's license? This store is so small and everyone knows everybody, for that matter my daughter had worked there previously and they all know me. So why didnt someone pick up on this?
I just dont get this. If your using Wal-Mart, double check and good luck!
  10th of Oct, 2010
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people don't seem to realize that cvs or walgreens don't do as many prescriptions as walmart does. we get on the average 115 scrpts a day that have to be filled and verified by the pharmacist. that is why it takes so long for you to get your prescription. if you go as soon as you get out of the doctor's office, chances are you are going to have a 2 hour wait. most doctor's appointmets take 15 minutes to an hour and start around 9. Walmart pharmacy opens at 9 am and we already have 35 to 40 perscriptions waiting to be filled at that time. by the time you get there that means you are #40 in line. Please understand that we do our very best to get you your prescription out to you in a timely manner but we have so many to do and so many people to take care of that it seems like a long wait. we bump people up that are waiting in the store bu there could be 10 people waiting i hope you understand.
  6th of Apr, 2012
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I've been getting my prescriptions from the same Walmart in Spokane, Washington for 5/6 years now and I think I can count on one hand the number of times your pharmacy has actually gotten it done correctly and drama free. My husband and I live entirely in Social Security Disability and have no insurance other than Medicare Part D, always order our medications at least 3 days in advance of the 1st of each month, and pay cash. I must live by Walmart rules, I must pay at pick up which isn't always easy and as long as I do that you won't pick up your marbles and go home.
Some time in February or March I tripped on a gigantic industrial rug in my regular Walmart store that had been badly placed. I just did a 10.0 face plant just inside the door after tripping over the aforementioned rug where the corner had worked it's way over the door jam. You can probably check if you call the Colton Walmart because they made a report. Although I am 60 nothing was broken and I went ahead with my business. I did wind up going to an er because a pulled muscle made it hard to breath. I could be sitting here today waiting for my settlement to come in but I made a decision not to go that way. Instead I am sitting here hoping that I don't have to spend 30 or 40 minutes extra browsing around while things are made correct. I thinks it's the least you can do after my saving you from the very real pain of sending me a check every month.
Thank you for taking the time to listen. I hope you will at least do me the courtesy of letting me know you got this. I shall continue doing my regular shopping at your stores but I'm not waiting another 5/6 years to see if you're going to make a few changes. I appreciate your cooperation.
  29th of Jun, 2012
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The pharmacies I have worked for have systems in place to expedite orders for waiting customers or urgent needs. Truly there is NO EXCUSE to wait so long for a prescription that you dropped off in person and are waiting for. I worked for a pharmacy that ROUTINELY did 600-700 prescriptions a day which is disgustingly busy. Yes, those customers with unique circumstances requiring doctor or insurance approval do have to wait longer and were always explained in detail what would need to be done. Explaining to the customer what is going on behind the scenes certainly helps them in understanding and appreciating what is taking so long. Often they choose to stop back later. With that said, it is flipping ridiculous and bs that Walmart pharmacy takes SO long. I call in a prescription that has no issues once I arrive at work. I expect to pick it up after work and eventually find out after waiting in line that it isn't ready. For no reason. At all. I wait and I wait. I recently had a nightmare trying to have prescriptions put on file at Walmart to use once my last refill was finished. They just couldn't understand why I was being proactive and doing this a few days before I needed them. I DID NOT WANT THEM FILLED, JUST ON FILE. Finally my doctor's office agreed to call in my new scripts the day before I needed them. Btw, they were for bc and elavil, nothing controlled. Just so frustrating. They make me feel like a drug seeker when I call to see if my prescriptions are done yet before I drive over to pick them up. I have had the pharmacist routinely ignore the hell out of me on several occassions. No acknowledgement, no "I'll be right with you, " no "so and so will you wait on them?" I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. No excuse. I have worked in busier pharmacies and even if they are overwhelmed, there is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse for being so damn rude.
  11th of Mar, 2013
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Walmart pharmacy has made mistakes on my prescriptions several times. Three days ago, I called Walmart pharmacy to request a refill of my type 2 diabetes pills by fax to Dr. xxxxxx. I called today to see if the refill request had been filled. After giving my information to the person I was talking to, come to find out that they had been faxing the request to the wrong doctor, the doctors name, not even close, not even anywhere close to my doctors name.
Other times, I have called in my refills by phone and gave them the RX numbers ( 4 of them ) of my refills, that they already have on file, and when I got them, they had left out one ot two of them. I called Bentonville Ar. and filed a complaint. A few days later, the manager of my local walmart pharmacy called me. He didn't seem too upset about it but offered to fill my missing prescriptions and deliver them to me free of charge. When he showed up on my doorstep, with my prescriptions, he acted like I was just some old forgetful fart that gave the wrong numbers when I called the refill request in. I will never, ever do business with walmart pharmacy again.
  26th of Mar, 2014
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I recently had my prescription filled at walmart here in West Valley, Utah. And the brand I use to get was discontinued so they went ahead and had given me generic adderall 10mg from Mallinckrodt brand. And I have to say there is something not right about this generic adderall. It is poor quality and I had very bad side effects. I called to talk to the pharmacist's and she just yelled at me and said all generic adderall is the same quality, than hangs up. She was very rude. But I really think that brand of adderall from Mallinckrodt is very bad.
  5th of Nov, 2015
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I had gotten something in my eye. The eye doctor removed it and prescribed antibiotic drops to prevent an infection. he emailed the prescription to the Walmart Pharmacy in McAlester, OK. This was noon and I know how slow the pharmacy is so I thought I would pick it up after work. I arrived at the pharmacy to find out that the drivethru was closed. Both of them. So that meant that I had to go inside. Great! I go inside to discover a line at the pharmacy. I patiently wait my turn only to have the gentleman tell me that oh I am sorry but we do not have that medication. We might have it here by tomorrow. I asked him why couldn't they have called me to inform me of this? He did not know. he asked me if I wanted my prescription back. I said yes. He said okay, then go the other line. I looked at him and said are you kidding me? I have to go to another line to get my prescription request back? I just want to say thanks for the great customer service. The old saying is true, you get what you pay for. While I will admit that usually the prices are cheaper at Walmart and that is the only reason that I go there, is it really worth it? Bottom line is this...why can they not call/text when prescription is ready? Why did they not call or text me to let me know that medication was not available. It is called customer service.
  2nd of May, 2016
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This is the same as every other pharmacy unless you go to a small mom and pop one. Everything is electronic. You should always ASK if your medication is in stock, AND call before you go to pick up.
  3rd of May, 2016
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I have a better idea! I quit going to them! I started going to one that has the medication and will notify you when your prescription is ready. No more guessing!
  22nd of Jun, 2016
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Wal - Mart Pharmacy - I will not use Wal-Mart's pharmacy ever again
Wal-Mart Pharmacy
United States

Upon leaving the hospital I was given 2 prescriptions and told to have them filled as soon as possible. I took them to Wal-Mart, asked about the prices and when they would be ready. I was told 1 hour. I went home to rest and came back in 3 hours. After standing in the pick-up line for about 10 minutes, I was told it would be another 15 minutes, they were not filled yet. I came back in 15 minutes and they were acting as though I was bothering them. Finally after 1 hour and 40 minutes more, I was told they were out of one medicine. Several other customers were told the same thing. They weren't real happy either. I will not use Wal-Mart's pharmacy ever again. One can only stand so much incompetence coupled with an uncaring attitude.
  22nd of Jun, 2016
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I challenge any one of you to get the training and work in a pharmacy.

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