Wal - Mart Money Cardwal-mart money card does not work

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Don’t buy a Wal-Mart Money Card!!! I received a Wal-Mart Money Card as a gift some months ago. Wal-Mart sells it so it is difficult to use. So often Wal-Mart gets all the money on the card.

To use it, the card requires a code from the register receipt. But people give me just the card in the sealed folder it was purchased in without the receipt. That sealed folder does not tell you the piece of information you need to activate it. So you buy the card to give it away and the user cannot use it.

I cannot remember who gave me the card so I don’t know who to ask for their register receipt. Do they still have the register receipt?

My local Wal-Mart store cannot help me. Both Wal-Mart toll free numbers to serve this product have no human interface and I can get no resolution from them.

What a scam!!

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  • Je
      Feb 08, 2010

    Hey Crack Head!!! THese Cards are for the picking at the registers so as you said they have to be actived! so "WHO EVER" gave it to you never actived it, , , , some friend ha ...this sounds more like you stole the card and are now trying to say that it doesn't work...hmmm who is the scam, , , , , ,

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  • Br
      Aug 08, 2010

    Well I was going to say something but Jesse kind of summed it up. About all I could add is if a friend gave you this card, get new friends. That one is too much of an idiot to listen to the cashiers when they explain(and they always do, they could lose their jobs otherwise)how to activate and use the card.

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