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Wal-mart - General / gulf shores, alabama wal-mart mis management

1 Gulf Shores, AL, United States

I live in Gulf Shores, Alabama and your local Wal-Mart is a big joke. This Gulf Shores, Alabama Wal-Mart fails miserably to adequately stock enough for all of us. It is a running joke when we go grocery shopping in Gulf Shores, Alabama to see how many stores we end up visiting to fill one list. Well guess what, I personally will not purchase any large items in this over rated Gulf Shores, Alabama Wal-Mart. Whoever is managing this over rated mess should not be managing this over rated mess. They are in capable of adequately staffing this mess; there is always a lengthy wait to be checked out. They do not even open a self checkout register at night, guess there is no one working at night who is competent enough to so this!!. I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions people basically walking out and leaving full carts as they should not have to play this Gulf Shores game of waiting in line to do everything, Gulf Shores is not worth waiting in line for anything, except to leave this over rated, over developed tourist trap. On some occasions there is so much stock waiting to be put on the shelves in Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Wal-Mart that a shopper cannot even get a shopping cart down most aisles. It looks like what one would expect from this junked up Gulf Shores, Alabama, just look around at the garbage and junk here. They are damn lucky there has not been a fire because the amount of clutter in this store would keep shoppers from evacuating it. Again this is not some local mom and pop grocery store as it is being run as such, this is a very large fast paced national chain that frankly is fast becoming like all other Gulf Shores, Alabama businesses, lazy, under staffed, under educated, over rated, under stocked and overpriced. The real kicker is that they forced numerous small businesses to close and now this incompetent bunch in Gulf Shores, Alabama will run another national chain in the ground and all of us locals now are forced to leave this over rated tourist trap which frankly I hope we all leave this filthy over rated tourist trap and the Gulf Shores, Alabama Wal-Mart can sit empty with no stock and maybe 2 people to run the registers if they can even get that many due to gross mis management at all levels in Alabama!!!.


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