Waffle House Aka Germ House / re-using gloves

Five-Points, Atlanta, GA, United States
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This place is plain awful... I entered the store to find a team of thugs trying to get people to play three card molly... One of the guys ask me to hold a hundred and I told him I was fine. I sat down to only realize there was beef between 1st and 2nd shift. They were going at it... Something about she was tired of coming in only to do work that was left from the 1st shift... So finally she was nice enough to finally take my order with an attitude... As I waited for my food I noticed the cook using the same gloves to empty trash, pull food from the refridgerator and then prepare it as if he was following policy. I was outraged! Then to top it off travis the unit manager pulls out a cart full of food that needed to be put in the cooler... It sat ther over 25 minutes while they laughed and talked as if there store was number 1.

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