Vodacom / vodacom refusing to address their consultants mistake

South Africa

Last year I no longer wished to renew my contract with vodacom. I went into the vodacom store at gateway kzn inquiring when I was to notify vodacom to cancel my subscription. The consultant gave me a number to call, which I did. The online consultant confirmed my account will be no longer as of the 1 december 2018.
Come the 1st december I notice my number is still active, on monday the 3rd december I went into the gateway store to report my number as still being active. The consultant called the cancellation department, I explained to the gentlemen that I had notified vodacom in due time which is how I knew this account should not be open and the reason I am in store reporting it.
He noted this query by immediately cancelling the account and informed me he was put a note to the accounts department to not bill me for the month of december 2018.
Days later I received an invoice form vodacom billing my for a month's subscription. I called the vodacom call centre numerous times, spoke to numerous incompetent persons who could not and have no resolved my query.
No one at vodacom knows how to resolve this!!!
A consultant told me to issue a stop order at my bank to ensure no debit order will go off as he was not confident this will be resolved in time.
A debit order did go off which I reversed and was charged a stop order fee.
Vodacom wants me to tell them the exact date and time I called to cancel my subscription. I have asked them to forward my itemised call logs for the months july, august and september as I called from the cell number. They refuse to send this to me! Stating they no longer have access to my account as I am now on pre-paid. I don't believe this to be a justified reason as if you can send me invoices for those months, you can send me the build-up of that invoice.
I have been trying to resolve this since the 3rd december 2018. No one form vodacom is addressing this.
The following are my ref numbers [protected], [protected]; [protected]; [protected].
All I get is a text message 2 days later informing me my query has been resolved when nothing has been done by vodacom!
This morning I received another invoice from vodacom, for the amount they cannot justify I owe them plus r100 when I have no contract with vodacom since december!
I am willing to pay for the remaining charges for november 2018 that I incurred. I am not willing to pay for december 2018 subscription or any further charges as there is no contact with vodacom.
Vodacom is also to reimburse me for the stop orders I have had to put in place as instructed by their consultant.
Vodacom, will someone competent please get in touch to resolve this. This is a result of your consultant not doing their job properly the first time which has left me painfully having to deal with this.

Feb 8, 2019

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