Vodacom / unblacklisting

Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Good day

I am so appalled at the level of service I have received from Vodacom obviously there is no consideration for good customer service and you want us as customers to rate the service I have been waiting from last week for my phone to be unblacklisted as Vodacom blacklisted the wrong phone iv called your customer service line on 082 111 and they advised me to go into the branch and they would be able to assist me I went to the branch on the bluff ( as they blacklisted the incorrect phone )and they say they unable to assist only by filling in the form you guys can assist me they also gave me a number to call which was 0821 954 i did not know any business especially a call centre would make someone hold for over 30 minutes there is no way your call volumes can be that high that nobody is available to take my call i just don’t believe that if that is the case you need to hire more staff to make yourself efficient as a call centre

Would someone be able to call or assist me today i do expect to get feedback in this regard

Feb 2, 2015

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