Vodacom / taking legal action will go public

I have paid this bill in 2016 I left messages all over bothimelo please reply this is on my credit record and if not resolved I will go public all prove has been sent take me of your list immediately I will go to see my attorney as I am in the financial market and if I lose my trade license due to mistake on vodacom side I not get taken off and my trans union credit report not get cleared I will proceed with legal action for loss of income, it was a mistake on vodacom side I was never behind on any payments and get this sorted I have sent all proof a million times to everybody involved get this sorted if I get another sms I will go further with legal action that is a promise

No pmt received on ur vodacom acc. Make an immediate pmt and then set up a debit order by calling mbd inc. On [protected]. Ref: 0278000618158799.

Legally I give you time until monday to respond and get this sorted after that you and vodacom will be liable for my legal fees and loss of income

Your further communication is now urgently awaited

Kobie bester

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