Vodacom / sent phone for repairs 2 months ago

Mayville Pretoria, ZA

On the 27th of January 2017 I sent my phone in to the Vodashop in Mayville Mall, Pretoria. The charging port needed to be fixed and the phone was freezing. After the consultant assured me that the phone will be ready for collection within 2 weeks, I went to the shop again only to find that I have another screen colour on my phone and the phone was still freezing. When asking the consultant what happened he replied by saying that they broke my screen to get into my phone. I gave the phone back to him to fix the problem of the freezing screen and to get me my original phone colour back. I have now been to the shop for more times than I can count to get my phone back and every time I get it back the screen still freezes and the colour is still not original. Two weeks ago I started to phone again to get my phone back and the consultant is now running out of excuses as to why my phone is still not ready. This is now almost 2 months that I am battling and not having a cellphone is affecting my personal business now. Please urgently pay attention to this complaint.

Mar 08, 2017

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