Vodacomextremely frustrated with the service

Good day

I am fed up and extremely frustrated with the service we have been receiving (or rather the lack thereof) from Vodacom. My husband, D.J. Eloff, has settled his account with Vodacom in November 2015, but his status at Trans Union has not been updated up until today...6 months ago. This was requested in November in order for us to get our finances in order. He has been trying to get hold of them for more than a month now, but to no avail. He even posted a complaint on HelloPeter, hoping this would shake them up. We tried to purchase a vehicle last month, but could not do so because of Vodacom who has not updated his status at Trans Union yet.
After numerous calls, hang up's, "hold on's", etc. I have decided to send mails to anyone who might be able to assist. I sincerely hope to get this from you. My husband can be contacted on [protected] or jacquesd.[protected]

Janine Eloff

Apr 11, 2016

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