Vodacomdata not transferred on upgraded contract

Account Number: I4413306-4
I upgraded my Vodacom Contract in May 2018 from a Vodafone Tablet to a Samsung A6 Tab on a 2GB MBB 24 month Topup Contract. I was told on receipt of the Tablet, by the Customer representative in Woodlands Mall (the shop next to FNB), that my contract and Data would be carried over as usual. The only difference being my 2 GB Data would now be 1 GB at night and 1 GB during the day. I was also told that the data contrat would then be in effect from the 1st of June 2018. My daughter and I were both present for these conversations. I still had 1.63GB of data remaining on my previous contract and on the 01st of June 2018, this data disappeared and I was ONLY given the 1 GB during the day and the 1 GB at night.

I then approached the Vodacom Shop at the Woodlands Mall, the one next to game and was initially helped by Ivan Reitman?.. I made sure of his name, but not his surname. I have to admit that I and my daughter was very irate. My daughter insisted that my data be returned to me and if Vodacom does not comply we would then proceed to take legal action, there were about 3 service consultants at that point present. Ivan handed my tablet back to my daughter and very rudely said we could do so, turned around and walked away.

My daughter yelled at Ivan that this was not the way to treat customers and that she would be launching a formal complaint. Another young lady that was standing next to my daughter then said that we should approach the branch were we upgraded the contract. Unfortunately we could not do so, as they were closed for renovations.

My problem is this :

1. Nowhere was I advised that I needed to use the remaining data on my contract as it would be expiring on the 01st of June 2018.
2. The Customer Service at Vodacom Branch was ATROCIOUS! To actually advise a customer to rather consider legal action than take the time to help that customer is breathtakingly bad!

How I would like this resolve is as follows:
1. Please give me back my rolled over data
2. A written apoplogy from Ivan Zeitman/Reitman

If I do not receive any answer or response from Vodacom within 7 Days I will be taking the following steps:

All property of Vodacom in my possession will be returned to the Woodlands Branch.
Any and all payments will be summarily suspended and the contract terminated.

I am VERY serious about the abovementioned, I have been an exemplary customer of Vodacom for more than two years now and have never had problems, but since I have upgraded my contract I have had nothing but problems.

Jun 01, 2018

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