Vodacom / contract services call centre

umhlanga, ZA

I phoned the customer care line on [protected] and was transferred to customer services where i was then told i needed to phone [protected], my query was simply to ask if someone could please help me find a branch that had one of the phones listed for exchange for 1000 talking points, i had been to 5 stores in the umhlanga area where i was told by sales staff i should get an S7 edge and pay the difference of R8000 and get that instead, completely ignoring my request for the free phone nevermind the fact that not a single shop had any of these phones in stock, i was then transferred to the pre-paid customer services who then told me he would transfer me to someone who would be able to help me locate a phone, upon hearing my request, the very rude woman told me she would transfer me back to the pre-paid customer services, i enquired as to why, to which she responded this isnt her department, at this point i had been to 5 branches and transferred at least 4 times on the telephone, i enquired as to whether or not she was sure and she just said to me i must phone 082 111, after enquiring again as to whether she wasnsure or not and explaining my frustration with the situation she proceeded to ignore me, this is a terrible experience as a customer, I have a copy of the telephone conversation in my possession and would be happy to share it with you, as i am already planning to share it on every social media platform at my disposal,

I hope I am responded to urgently as I am very ready to express my right to freedom of speech in an attempt to get people to leave your network

Nov 30, 2016

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