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iTalkBB Global Communications reviews & complaints

iTalkBB Global Communications complaints 37

iTalkBB Global Communications - Internet

Internet is often down for over 24hours. The call center basically couldn't do anything, just repeat "apologize for any inconveniences, will solve the problem soon... "However, the problem can't never solve soon. Usually takes over 24hours or even more.

In addition, the company never sincerely apologize to their clients. The company only paid a couple of dollars (whatever the monthly fee divided by 30) to compensate clients for not being able to use internet, which is very insulting.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

iTalkBB Global Communications - ItalkBB company service

I have been a long-time customer with ItalkBB for more than 10 years.
Suddenly I have realized that ItalkBB has lousy customer service.
the customer service does not want to refund money that has been wrongfully charged.
and give loopholes over on the phone, grinding about nickel and pennies.
unlike other US companies, this company does not have a standard method of practice and tries to scam any customer they can now, unlike before.
therefore, my recommendation is not to subscribe to anything with this company at all.

Jul 08, 2020

iTalkBB Global Communications - Fraudulent charges

iTalkBB has charged me for home phone service that I have never ordered since about two years ago. And I have asked many times via email for the proof of purchase and proof of delivery of the home...

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iTalkBB Global Communications - unprofessional customer service

Since December 21, I have been contacting them and to this day they still haven't cancelled internet service. This is regular answer to me by email: " iTalk BB Support Sun, 29 Dec 2019, 17:49 (6...

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Dec 26, 2019

iTalkBB Global Communications - data plan for cellphone

When I signed up with italkbb they promised to give me excellent service and if I'm not satisfied they will not charge me, but I find out that isn't true, I tried to use the data in China and half the time my data cannot connect, and most of the time it would cut out in the middle of usage, so I tried contacting the number on their website and it's extremely difficult to get through, so when I'm back in Canada I brought the issue up and they don't want to return my payment and the staff was not helpful at all, I DO NOT recommend italkbb to anyone and I will never use this service again

Update by Robert Yan
Dec 26, 2019

Most of these Chinese companies lack service, the staff is not trained and are not service oriented, pity, go with a Canadian or American company way better service and you're guaranteed or you don't pay, but unfortunately Chinese companies do not take this kind of service model, PITY

Nov 01, 2018

iTalkBB Global Communications - located in rowland heights (91748)#113b, ca. the sales has a bad customer service.

My son and I went there around 1:15 to 1:20 p.m. (11, 1, 2018) I didn't see anyone by the counter so I called "Hello". After 5 minutes, someone came out the door and yelled that they were taking a break, slamming the door on us. First of all, there were two people, and one should be taking the break and the other at the counter. Second, if them 2 need to take a break, then they should leave a sign of notifying the costumers that they were taking a break. Last, their attitude was very bad. You could at least say it nicely. Not just yelling and slamming the door.

Aug 05, 2018

iTalkBB Global Communications - fibreoptic, inflated bills

I haven't been with your company long and already receiving a very poor service. I can't connect to Wi-Fi in my own home, and rely on mobile data and on top of that you take random amounts out of my...

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Jun 04, 2018

iTalkBB Global Communications - bill

I have emailed and rang before to cancel direct debit with italk as what they were charging me was more than what I was told on the phone I spoke on the phone and told the customer service to cancel direct debit they said they had and that they would send me a card out to pay a bit each week off the bill I've rang me bank and italk have took £19.99 then another £158 which was rent and food money for my children I want the money out back in to my account as I cancelled direct debit with them I'm taking it further aswell as this is past a joke now

Jun 01, 2018

iTalkBB Global Communications - home broadband a £20 router name zyxel

I was phoned by the company italk last july by some one from there company saying about a deal of a phoneline package and fibre Home Broadband from the top of range router, I felt pressered at the...

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May 05, 2018

iTalkBB Global Communications - broadband & phone

I ordered Italk at the end of December last year and was supposed to be activated within the usual 10-14 day period when switching. After the activation day passed there was no broadband, no live...

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Jun 16, 2017

iTalkBB Global Communications - very bad customer services, bad signals, and expensive price

iTalkBB should feel honored to received one star! Because they deserve zero star!
I have been in the US for more than 17 years. I have to say iTalkBB has been the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They gave you the warmest welcome when you sign up. But you will expect the most greedy goodbye experiences when you cancel. I transferred my number to Verizon in 4/18 2017, and thought italkbb service will be automatic be canceled. However, just want to confirm, I called iTalkBB in 4/20 to confirm. They tried every methods letting me to stay with their services. After they realized I will definitely go, they changed. I insist that don't charge me any more. They agreed.
Two months later, I found they charged my credit card for $29.97 for the service of 4/20 - 5/19. I called them, they said you called at the first day of the billing cycle, we have to charge the whole month!. I said my number was already transferred to Verizon in 4/18, how did you provide the service for me for 4/20-5/19? they refuse to refund!

To all who want to sign up iTalkbb:
Please, not only their service are really bad! but also you have much much better options:

Use Skype to do international phone call! For international calling to landline or cell phone in China from your cell phone in the US, 400 minutes/$2.99, 1000 minutes/$4.99. Very convenient, and crystal clear!

For all iTalkBB users, dump this company, and run away as soon as you can to same 90% of your international call of Talkbb, and get much better signals and much better services in Skype!

Mar 24, 2017

iTalkBB Global Communications - Customer services and phone voice quality

Cheat on first time user. It is a scam. I was solicited many times over the phone to try one month free of charge and the mailing charge will be covered by ITALKBB on both ways. If I did not like...

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Mar 21, 2017

iTalkBB Global Communications - Unethical contract

I have tried to close my home phone service with ITalkBB as no one can make a call to me. After talked with their customer service, and found that my original phone number has been lost before thi...

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Mar 06, 2017

iTalkBB Global Communications - Home phone

I enrolled with ITalkbb home phone service four years ago [protected]). In April last year I took another phone [protected]). So far so good. But there was a problem starting from last week. When people call this [protected] number, it appears that is a long distance call. I called iTalkBB customer services and was told this problem could not be fixed. The choice for me is either continuing to use or change to another number. I can not accept. Because I use this number almost one year and I don't want to change. If this is a problem can not be fixed, it means that I or someone might suffer in future. I am really wondering the quality of ITalkbb. Please solve out this problem for me as soon as possible. Thanks! James


iTalkBB Global Communications - Porting phone numbers

internet telephony/telephone company italkbb gave me run around by not providing standard customer service record (csr) to the recipient company and also not providing italkbb's correct addre...

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Nov 24, 2015

iTalkBB Global Communications - Bad customer service

I have been using ITalkBB for near 10 years. ITalkBB customer support has been terrible; but I was just patient to tolerant because I did not have time to look other company. Recently, I can not...

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Aug 06, 2015

iTalkBB Global Communications - Worst internet and phone provider ever

The worst internet + phone provider ever! We have made serveral complaints but the answers we get every single time is "we are working on it" "it will be fixed soon". We have patiently waited for 2 freaking years! And recently we made another complaint, and we recieved the same response. 2 years, waited TWO years and still not fixed. The internet they provide are really slow and poor connection. Eg. Because our tv uses internet, once the tv is on, none of the other electronic devices can connect to the internet. Another time, we had no internet for 1 day, we rang them up and they said "it will be fixed soon" we waited and waited. It was not fixed. I personally DO NOT recommend this to anyone. Poor costumer service + poor internet and phone provider. Pls avoid!

iTalkBB Global Communications - Badgering

My wife and I called iTalkBB two times to better understand their product and service. We decided, on our own, not to pursue a contract with this company. They have called back 2 times to try to make a sale. This company provides phone service primarily to China and Chinese customers. When I spoke with an iTalkBB representative, she was insisting that she speak with my Chinese wife. The company comes across poorly over the phone even when they are trying to make sale. I do not believe their service or customer support would improve if I agreed to a contract with them. I explained to the woman representative we were not interested and not to call again. However, she continued to insist if it is possible to speak with my wife. To me, these are red flags about this company.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

iTalkBB Global Communications - VOIP phone services

Italkbb's is an extremely bad company. If you are using its product and do not have any problem, you are lucky. I called the company many times (maybe 10 times) to report my problem. Every time I called, their answers are always the same like machine “we are working on that. We will fix it as soon as possible". I have never used the phone for any single minute. I asked for money back within its 30 day free trial, but I have not received the refund, and I do not think ITalkBB will send my money back. Worst company in the world!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

iTalkBB Global Communications - WORST Customer Service in the world !

if you want to use iTalkBB, read this review before you connect them. I believe all the 5 stars rating review are hired and paid by the iTalkBB to try to fool the new customers. I have been using...

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