Vodacom / contract changed without warning and staff are not informed enough information to help

South Africa, ZA
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I have had to speak to numerous staff at vodacom to try resolve my issue - which still remains unsolved!
On my current package through vodacom, I used to receive 200 minues of call time, 1GB day time data, 1GB night time data and 200 SMS's.

As of December 2016, I only receive 75 minutes of call time, 200MB of data and 200 SMS's.

To all staff knowledge, this is the correct package and this is what I have always received. NOT ONE STAFF MEMBER of the good 6 or 7 I have spoken to can tell me why this has changed or where my extra data/minutes have gone to.

On the package that I used to have (that mysteriously does not exist anymore), I still paid in every single month for going over my call minutes as well as my data, can you imagine how much more I'm going to have to pay in now due to my extra package disappearing completely!

To increase my contact limit, I was recommended I join a package called the 'Red Advantage' for R999 per month!

Is this truly the only package vodacom has that they think might suit my needs????? ITS NOT SUITING ANYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES!!!

I have been a vodacom user since my first cell phone and I am absolutely horrified at the thievery they are getting away with! Every single package is designed so the consumer pays in!

I would not be so upset if they only had left me on the package I was on! Instead, they debit the same amount of money every single month and give me less of a package!

To cancel my contract will cost R6164.54 and it only ends in February 2018!

I am disgusted and I will be cancelling this contract as soon and possible! I will not be a returning vodacom customer!

Dec 08, 2016

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