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This morning my contract line was soft locked by Vodacom. I did not understand why it had been soft locked. I called the customer care call centre to find out and was told that the system showed that my line was active and not locked. I was the transferred to the accounts department who then told me that my account was soft locked because I had reached a R 1000 limit. I then asked how this was possible as I buy airtime when my subscription airtime and data bundle has been depleted. I was then given a wishy washy explanation by a young lady who didn't seem to know what she was doing. I then asked for my line to be unlocked and was told that the accounts department is not able to unlock the line and was subsequently transferred back to the customer care line where I was told that they were also not able to unlock my line because the system showed that my line was active. I was then put through to the "team leader" who told me that his system showed that my line was locked but couldn't determine why my line had been locked. I then asked for my line to be unlocked and again I was told by this "team leader" that he was not able to because they could not establish why it had been locked in the first place. FYI this was now the fourth person I was talking to about the SAME problem. Anyway, the "team leader" promised that he would refer my problem to the technical department and get back to me r.e. progress made on rectifying this issue. That was at 10:00 this morning. I did not receive and feedback and called again at 15:30 and was told that his not around. The 5th person I spoke to assured me that she would give the "team leader" my number and ask him to call me back urgently. it is now 17:00, still no call. Nobody has bothered to give me any feedback and my line is still locked. I'm not able to make any calls or access the internet, even though I still have subscription airtime left and I bought a data bundle this morning. Bad service from Vodacom seems to be a recurring feature in my life, only God knows why I still use them as my network provider. They do not take their customers seriously but they very quick to debit money from one's bank account. I'm really tired of fighting with Vodacom all the time. Its soooooo frustrating, talking to 5 people and not a single one is able to provide you with any meaningful assistance, being promised two feedback calls and receiving none !!!

Jul 18, 2016
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  • Do
      Jul 22, 2016

    Same exact problem..and it doesnt look like they are doing anything to fix it. Ridiculous!!

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