Vodacom / bad service

Vredenburg, South Africa

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to lodge a complaint because of bad service that I received from the Vodacom Shop in Vredenburg Mall. I was assisted by a gentleman who:

1. Was smelling very bad (Smoke smell). One could hardly draw ones breath.
2. I enquired about a 10" Tablet. He gave me the price of R1999, however when I asked if I can see it he said that he can show me a 10" tablet in size but not the one that I am enquiring about.
3. I again asked him that I wanted to see how it works on the internet. He stated the following: "You can go to Incredible connection or Game and see if they have a model on display".
I am representing a NGO and we are investigating the cost to purchase between 10 and 20 tablets for a Maths program.

This gentleman was not interested in helping me neither was he prepared to look at any discount. I will not go back to this shop again and will spread the word in the area that we live.

I have been a customer of Vodacom for many years as well as my total family.

This is not what we expect from Vodacom.


Anton van Rooyen

Jun 27, 2017

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