Vizio TV E480-B2 / TV

Winnsboro, United States

I bought a VIZIO TV (E480-B2), and it stopped working a month after I got it. First the picture went out and then the sound. I would like to get my money back and buy something else, but their solution is to pick it up and deliver another of the same model, and this is going to take at least 10 days. Why would I want to replace a piece of cr-p for another one? And I'm out a TV for at least 10 days. I bought a Vizio TV six years ago and had to send it back to get another one because it was warped at the top, but the replacement has worked fine since then (my bedroom TV), so I thought I'd buy another one. BIG mistake! If you're considering buying a Vizio TV, I'd say think again.

Sep 04, 2014

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