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6:06 pm EST

Vizio Visio 70”

The unit has to be reset to factory settings about every 2 months.
The unit freezes up and won't even cut off power and now smartcast will not respond.
I'll pay more for a better tv next time and not a Visio.
So disappointed.

Desired outcome: Fix it

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8:34 pm EST
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Vizio D48F-E0 television

I purchased a Vizio television (model D48f-E0) in December 2019. The t.v. worked flawlessly for nearly one year. It recently quit working. There is no power-ON l.e.d. light. Since it is out of warranty, and I am familiar with electronics, I removed the rear cover and took a look at the integrated power supply/ Main board (the only printed circuit board there, other than the backlighting strip). The fuse and all other components appear to be fine. I searched several online websites to attempt to buy a replacement board. Many sites carry the board, but they are all out of stock, with the exception of a couple that were charging well over $100 for a replacement board (too much!). This indicated to me that problems with this board must be commonplace; so much so that the vendors couldn't keep the board in stock. I paid over $300 for the t.v., and I think that it should last for more than one year, at that price! I called Vizio to complain, but they reminded me that the warranty period of one year had expired. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they attempted to resolve the issue. Vizio contacted me about that BBB complaint, and offered a discount on a new t.v. on their website, but when I went there to buy a t.v., the code that they provided did not work. Next, I was contacted by a Vizio representative from their escalation team. He left a voice message for me to return his call. When I did, all I got was his voice mail. After leaving more than 15 voice messages for him, I have yet to receive a return call. I haven't heard anything further from BBB either. That is why I'm putting my faith in the Complaints Board. I am asking for Vizio to replace the faulty Power Supply/Main board, or at least have their technical support team tell me which electronic component has likely failed, so that I can replace it myself (unless its a surface-mounted microchip, which I don't have the equipment for).
I have purchased several Vizio t.v's over the years. All have worked well, with exception of this set, and one other set (an E500i-A1). Coincidentally, this E500i-A1 also had the Main board go bad, but this happened years after my purchase, so I replaced that board myself. I really like Vizio t.v.'s, but I'm not at all happy about this latest one (the D48f-E0).
Thank you.

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Affton, US
Jun 17, 2022 1:52 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Ive go the m558-g1 and i had gotten all sorts of vertical lines very colorfull red,orange,pinketc. So i bought all th boards because the back light was still working to which it still is working. installed all 4 boards puugged it in and it looked like it was going to be all fine since i got the half of the V to come up then it went back to the likes again. I had called and talked to someone from vizio before i got the boards and they said because it was out of warranty they couldnt do anything for me. Which i knew they wouldnt anyway. So i got my 17 year old 43inch vizio out and am using it now with no problems. Vizio has lost another customer here for sure. Their products are JUNK and the service isnt any better.

9:17 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Vizio Soundbar 2020n

As of right now, I seem to be on a continuous loop trying to resolve an issue with a past purchase. I cannot get a copy of a receipt for a cash purchased gift I received from a friend. The Coconut Creek, Florida store where it was purchased has not answered any of the phone calls that I've frequently attempted throughout today.
The item I'm needing a receipt for is a Vizio sound bar, still under warranty and has failed to continue to operate. I'm eager to replace it but require the store to provide me with copy of the receipt through the serial number (SZZOYXLV3208592) of the sound bar. (My friend also purchased a Hisense TV on the same receipt) Vizio phone support has helped determine that the sound bar is inoperable. Vizio staff have and are assisting me in resolving this problem but cannot without the help of Walmart to provide a copy of the receipt for the sound bar. It was purchased in March or April of this year. I have been given approval for a replacement sound bar from Vizio Model SB2020n-G6.

Walmart is just running me in circles. Visio, Please help me.
Charles Robinson
81 Tilford D
Deerfield Beach FL 33442 Phone [protected]

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6:23 pm EDT

Vizio Vizio m-series quantum 65" class 4k hdr smart tv - m657-g0

Your records will indicate that I have been complaining about this TV shutting itself off since the beginning of this year. No one has corrected this problem and the latest agent, Tray, now has chosen to completely ignore me. My warranty will be over shortly and this TV needs to be replaced since your company does not know how to fix the problem or hopes I will go away. If I do not get this issue resolved shorted I will be forced to contact both the federal and state officials.

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4:36 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Vizio Malfunctioning television and horrible customer service

I purchased a 50 inch Vizio television in April 2020, four months later the sound keeps cutting in and out. I contacted Vizio many and I mean many times within a 2 week period and received many promises, excuses and lies of the receiving a new replacement but have yet to receive one. They refuse to any questions regarding why they have not sent out the replacement as promised and are giving me the run around. I even asked for a refund since that is an option stimulated within their one year warranty but they said that is not possible. This company is scandalous and untrustworthy. Selling faulty televisions to trusting consumers that end up getting ripped off. This type of business should not be allowed.

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11:30 pm EDT

Vizio 70' flat-screen vizio smart tv

3218 S Elm Street
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603

June 19, 2020

VIZIO Corporate Headquarters Office / Complaint Division
39 Tesla
Irvine, CA 92618

On June 16, 2019, I bought a VIZIO flat-screen Smart TV, serial number LFTRXDLU48048; model number E70-F3, at Best Buy in Little Rock, Arkansas for $779.99 plus tax.

I called on 6/15/2020 and spoke with someone by the name of Jorden and explained the problem. Jorden stated, "This is the same problem you had the first time. Send in a copy of your receipt and we are going to replace the tv. When we receive copy of receipt someone will call betewee 24-48 hours."

On 6/19/2020. I spoke with someone by the name of Jeremy. He staed after reading notes. "Found ciopy of your receipt. I will submit service request for someone to come out and repair your tv. Due to your area, the tech will not be able to repair yout tv until the virus band is lifted."

I then spoke with someone by the name of Carlo who stated that he was a supervisor. Carlo was not able to explain why one person told me that the tv would be replaced; anoperson told me the tv will be repaired; why I could not get a refund or how long it will take a tech to come out due to the band in my area.

The product does not function properly; about every 6 months the tv will not cut off, you have to unplug the tv in order for it to turn off. I am very disappointed with this product.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate an exchange for an equivalent or better model, at no additional cost, or a refund of the $779.99 plus tax. Enclosed are copies of the receipt.

I look forward to your reply and to the resolution of my problem. I will wait ten days from the date of this letter before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me by mail, at the above address, or by phone, at [[protected]].

Receipt: Welcome to Best Buy #222


[protected]/16/19 15:42

4969606 SB2920-D6 76.99
99.99 Was Price
LP#: [protected]
Condition: EXCELLENT
Packaging: YES
Sales Tax 7.31
6301667 B079QHML21 39.99
49.99 Was Price
10.00- Sale Discount
Sales Tax 3.80
6259880 E70-F3 779.99
VIZIO E70-F3 (69.5" DIAG.)
829.99 Was Price
50.00- Sale Discount
Delivery Order #[protected]
Delivery 06/18/2019 12p-4p
Sales Tax 78.00
6261240 EXTENDED DE 80.00
149.99 Was Price
69.99- DELVRY BNDL 1
Delivery Order #[protected]
Delivery 06/18/2019 12p-4p
Sales Tax 8.00
Subtotal 976.97
Sales Tax 97.11
Total 1074.08

**********2467 Lookup USD$ 1074.08
Approval 016518
24-Month Financing

24 Month Financing
No interest if paid in full within 24
months. If the deferred interest balance is
not paid in full by the end of the
promotional period, interest will be
charged from the purchase date at rates
otherwise applicable under your Card
Agreement. Min. payments required. See Card
Agreement for details.

DELVRY BNDL 1 Savings: 69.99
Other Savings: 83.00
Total Savings: 152.99

My Best Buy
Member ID [protected]

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Your My Best Buy balance as of 12/19/2018
Posted points: 57
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Upon return, if bundle is broken, the
savings will be removed and current
prices and/or bundles will be applied.
This may result in additional charges.

Devices that can be activated and cell
phones have a 14-day return policy
year-round for all customers. Major
appliances have a 15-day return policy
for all customers. 15-day return policy
on almost everything else.

Restocking fee applies on select items

A valid receipt is required for all returns.
Except where prohibited, we may request an
ID. ID info may be stored in a secure,
encrypted database used for
tracking returns and exchanges.

Returned items missing accessories are
subject to a missing part fee. Best Buy
reserves the right to deny any return.

For return policy details and a complete
list of exceptions, ask for a policy
brochure or go to

Best Buy is not responsible for any
personal data left on a returned item.

To learn about our privacy practices
please visit

Your Customer Service PIN is:

Work performed in accordance with any
assigned Alarm system scope of work
throughout the state of Arkansas
is regulated by:
Department of Arkansas State Police
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209

************ END RECEIPT ****


Alberta Johnson

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3:55 pm EDT

Vizio Vizio tv’s are of cheap quality and poor customer service…

Vizio TV's are of cheap quality and poor customer service…

Bought a Vizio TV 6 months ago. Top part started to separate and split open. Contacted Vizio multiple times, sent them pics that they required and after all that- they told me they can't do anything about it.

I gave them ALL the info they needed.
(1) Proof of purchase or receipt for the VIZIO Product
(2) Pictures of the purported issue with the VIZIO Product
(3) The serial number of the product

I said "alright if you are not going to replace my defective TV, then I will let others know about your poor customer service and TV quality.


WARNING: You will not get a refund or exchange if your VIZIO product starts to fall apart even if you only bought it 5-6 months ago.

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3:35 pm EST

Vizio Vizio 75" tv

Purchased first 75" TV from Visio and it failed in one year (backlight failed). Visio replaced it with an opened tv and within 18 months had the same issue. The customer service executive acknowledged the problem; however, because the warranty was up, was not obligated to support the issue. Bottom line: Visio has a known backlight issue that fails 12-24 months after purchase - mmm..., wonder what their objective is? The customer service person is Vincent Jessen [protected], option 9, x3219. Please contact him for additional information on this problem.

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1:49 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Vizio Management

My TV was acting up so I was given this number 1-855-833-3221 by a Guy from Spectrum who had an Indian accent. When I called this number, there was a bunch of loud people talking in the background and the Guy who answered the phone said, "Can I help you?" I had to ask him if they were the Vizio TV Co. He said yes but they were having technical problems and then said that I had won a $25.00 Walmart card. He then said that I had to pay a $2.95 shipping fee then I just hung up.

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12:52 pm EDT

Vizio Customer service/ tech issue with tv

Tara (10/20/2019, 11:12:54 AM): Thank you for contacting VIZIO Support.
Tara (10/20/2019, 11:14:07 AM): Hello John, what are you using from channels, cable, satellite or antenna?
Me (10/20/2019, 11:16:36 AM): Cable
Tara (10/20/2019, 11:17:17 AM): With a cable box?
Me (10/20/2019, 11:17:37 AM): No just a direct line from wall to tv
Tara (10/20/2019, 11:18:27 AM): The TV has no control over what Alexa is hearing. So if it is not changing it to the right channel then I would think it would be something in the Alexa and not the TV. All the other commands work with the TV and Alexa?
Me (10/20/2019, 11:19:15 AM): Yes, but when I ask Alexa to complete it says, "okay I will change it to 26"
Me (10/20/2019, 11:19:43 AM): then when the smartcast goes to change it, it only allows it to put in one number instead of 26 it puts 2
Me (10/20/2019, 11:19:49 AM): and then changes the channel to 2
Me (10/20/2019, 11:20:04 AM): its a software issue from smartcast
Tara (10/20/2019, 11:21:04 AM): What do you mean when you are in SmartCast, SmartCast has no channels. When you say Alexa play NCIS on Netflix it works correct?
Tara (10/20/2019, 11:22:29 AM): Does the TV using the remote does it change and go to the correct channel?

Issue explained in transcript, as well as poor customer support.

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Update by Anthony Eickmeier
Oct 20, 2019 1:03 pm EDT

The file is a txt file there is no pdf format

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5:43 pm EDT

Vizio Vizio m70-e3

I purchased this 70 and TVIn February of 2018 here it is September 2019 and it has a green vertical line. I called Vizio Customer support and they told me that my warranty had expired and that I needed to purchase a new TV. They also offered me a TV at a discounted price. Although Vizio has no extended warranty service. $1500 for TV that last A little over a year is ridiculous something needs to be done about this. There is no quality control at their company they won't warrantee their products over a year this is just junk. Although C net ranks them number one for everything. I wonder if Vizio is paying them off. I asked the person on the phone who in their right not mind would buy another TV from you guys especially if you can't get extended warranty just to have at last another 16 months.

I was then told good luck. I feel that I've got screwed and somebody needs to shut this company down.

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7:58 pm EDT

Vizio TV electronics

So purchase a t.v about 7months ago new from Walmart a month later I started having issues whit the t.v freezing not responding I contacted Vizio and after a long battle they send a technician they fix my t.v replaced all the CPU boards well 3 months later having the same issues again I contacted vizio today and now there telling it's out of warranty and it hasn't bin a yr yet and this has bin an ongoing issue the t.v serial number is 15LFTRXCKU02224

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12:07 pm EDT

Vizio Television

The power keeps going on and off. When I called Vizio to find a solution the representative did at least try to troubleshoot the problem. When no procedure was successful I was then advised to buy a new TV and had the audacity to quote sellers prices! If this was a consumer caused malfunction I would have no argument. But this is an ongoing and repetitive issue with Vizio. Why are they still distributing these contraptions knowing the production flaws? To add insult to injury they won't fix or replace the television. In America if a company puts out a faulty product it's a recall. Not this company. I am never buying Vizio again unless they rectify this situation. I will speak down to every site I can and warn the public. This isn't right!

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10:49 pm EDT

Vizio Vizio sound bar

Bought a vizio soundbar and from day 1 have had problems with it not working with remote and having to reboot everytime it shuts off after being ok for maybe 3 days...Complained to vizio to no avail...While looking for answer to my problem I came across a website "Vizio tv help"...I was happy to see that the site said that soundbars from 2014/2105 had defects that caused the problem I have been having...They gave model numbers and said to call Vizio at 877-698-4946 and to give the tech support your model # and they would send free of charge under warranty or not a thumb drive with the software update...I called gave my serial number that was on the list they provided and I was told after being on the phone with these people that no are warranty was up and when I told the rep that it said that Vizio site said it didnt matter and to look on the website where it is posted he told me it wasnt Vizio website...Strange enough when I called the number on that website Vizio company answered the phone...but according to the rep it wasnt Vizio...Never Ever Again will I buy a vizio product..I bought a Vizio TV, and a soundbar but will never recommend or buy another vizio product...It does not stand behind their products...My model # is S3821W-CO and had sticker in back of soundbar that said V3...How could this not be Vizio website when it was not only answered by Vizio Rep, they had my personal info like name, phone number and email address from when I had called previously...

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1:16 pm EDT

Vizio Vizio 2017 tv

Black screen with sound. Trouble shooted with both Vizio support and Best Buy. Nothing works, Best Buy told us they are having numerous complaints about this company, researching on line, hundreds have the same issue. Obviously something is wrong with the make of this tv. Spoke with a manager at Vizio, all they offer is a discount on a newer model, yet same model cheaper at other stores even with their discount...Manager not willing to offer me anything better. Why risk spending money on this brand again when I can buy another brand with extended warranty for the same price Vizio is offering? I won't buy this brand again, poor customer service, very unhappy. A 700 dollar tv should last longer than 2 years, Vizio taking no responsibility for this.

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6:11 pm EDT
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Vizio Television I bought brand new did not work

I am sending this complaint after buying a 24 inch vizio television at 9am & at 10am after setting it up, the television kept shutting off. I called the support line & they were unable to fix a brand new television that I bought two hours ago. I have spent over two thousand dollars on vizio equipment over the years, I have a 55 inch vizio flat screen & a vizio soundbar & have always bought from vizio & up to this point I have been very satisfied. I am very disappointed that a brand new television was broken after only two hours & that after spending an hour with technical support it still hasn't been fixed. Now I have to apparently wait for 48 hours before I can expect a response on when a new television is to be delivered. I feel after years of faithfully purchasing your products that all of this stress & agitation should result in some sort of discount. I figured that buying a brand new television would result in me watching it on the day I bought it instead of spending good chunk of my day trying to figure out what was wrong with television & in the end nothing was fixed. I would like to continue to buy your products & will expect this issue to be fixed as soon as possible. I hope you are enjoying your day & look forward to hear from you. Thank you for your time
Daniel James webb

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6:59 pm EDT
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Vizio Customer service/ product

Called to get help on my tv. Agent fell asleep and was snoring throughout the call and being unresponsive. While trying to get help, agent kept me on one set of directions while very clearly falling asleep. I then tried calling again to see how to properly complain and was given a substandard answer on how they will resolve the issue. Tv is still having powering up problems.

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Shaun R.
, US
May 19, 2019 8:28 am EDT

Hi Joseph.

Can you provide the model and purchase date?

Thank you.

12:48 pm EST

Vizio Product and customer service

I purchased a Vizio 65 inch M class Tv through the AAFES system. When delivered it had an issue when plugged in a manufacture defect where the leds were blacked out in a line on the screen. I contacted Vizio and on 10/15/2018 the gave me a case number of #[protected] with a guarantee of a New tv replacement. when the Tv arrived at my home on 11/07/2018 the TV sent had a broken screen at the top of the TV but there was no damage to the TV packaging or the extra large box in which the chosen shipper shipped the TV leaving only the fact that it was damaged at the factory. So on the same day I was given another service number from VIZIO with the same NEW TV shipment and case number of #3028896. I asked at this time that they ensure the TV was in working condition before shipping it and the representative told me in no uncertain terms that they are a business and would not send something broken. When I received the New TV on 11/29/2018 I got another broken TV in the EXACT same location as the previous TV, so I called and they gave me service number #3036808 and stated in this specific situation they were going to take extra good care of me and make sure the TV arrived in perfect working condition and undamaged. I specifically asked them to double check the TV to ensure it did power on and was not broken before wasting the shipping and my time, as now I have lost well over 4 full days of my time waiting for delivery of TV's that have been broken. The operator ensured me that a business doesn't send out TVs broken as it was not good for their reputation, so the order was shipped. Today 12/14/2018 I received my replacement TV and once again it is broken. I wanted to speak with a manager and was blown off by the representative who said they would send another TV and I demanded I wanted to speak to the manager and got no resolve other than another service number of #3042506

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10:54 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Vizio tv

Vizio 60" TV ($800.00) after 2 years the unit shoes ghost dark image on screen!

After communicating with Vizio over a dozen times and different person each time, they are like robots, trained to brush you off with generic answers,

each responds starts with:

"Thank you for your recent inquiry with VIZIO. I would be more than happy to help you. Here at VIZIO we do offer best in class technical support."

Never a resolution or direct answer to the problem!

In my last communication I was told the following:

"The unit would need to be replaced as we consider the back light to be beyond economical repair. Which means it would cost twice as much to try and repair it then it would be to replace it. The dark shadow indicates the back light is going out on the unit."


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1:17 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Vizio e55-do tv will not tv and has a black screen

Purchased Vizio 55" screen TV and after 2 year, the TV will not turn off and will not show picture. The screen is black with zero sound. I have been able to unplug the TV to reset and this has worked a few times. However, now the TV will not even reset once unplug. This TV is not the main TV in the house so it does not get used as often as the others. I called Vizio and of course they can't do anything... the customer service person actually asked me if my credit card company would provide the warranty. It's amazing that the company that manufactured this product will not even take responsabilitty to make it right. I have TV's that I have had for a least 6 to 8 years without replacing them or needed a repair. However, after two years, you would think Vizio would step up to the plate. I will never buy a Vizio product ever again!

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