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Vizio customer service

bought TV as Xmas present TV died after 4 months. Have called Vizio customer service and been told to get the TV repaired or replaced will have to ship from Florida to California at my expense.
Both times that I have called was transfereed to 4 different persons each of which was more ignorant than the previous one.
Company has horrible customer service and incredibly poorly trained technical support. I will never buy this product again.

I also plan to report this company to my local BBB for their poor customer support.


Poor quailty, horriable consumer support

Purchased a 42 LCD HD TV from Wal-Mart in July 2008, started having troubles as early as October, called tech support and again in November, Finally in April 2009 they get the picture that the TV is BAD. Now they tell me it is out of warranty because there records show the serial number as out of warranty in March. My receipt shows purchase in July of 08... They say send us proof of Purchase (No Problem) BUT there website is down tried 4 separate times. Called again they won't do anything until I send POP, now I'm stuck with a Big door stop until they get their site fixed or maybe until the warranty is really expired.

  • Pa
    pasquale Jul 20, 2009

    Vizio -busted, 2 days after warranty
    The digital tuner is out, the picture is pretty horrible and very dark.. Customer support is giving us the run around. They will send someone out in a few days/weeks/whatever. They ARE AWARE of problems with the tuners, tried to blame it on game systems (which we don't have) . Told us that it is unfortunate that we will be without TV for a while. Well, I will tell my friends about how we are getting srewed and my money is NOT going their way again.

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Defective product, awful customer service

I purchased a Vizio 47" HDTV in 10/08 that starting getting red lines through the picture, 93 days after my purchase. I called, and since it was over the 90 days, I had to walk through with tech support, resetting, trying this and that, had to send pictures of the problem, they told me it couldn't be repaired. I was told I would get a refurbished TV. I complained, they sent me to customer service. That person said I misunderstood, it is not refurbished, it's simply a TV that was manufactured the same time as the one I bought. It showed up in a brown box with a sticker over the original serial number...4 weeks later, total meltdown of the picture, all different colored horizontal and vertical lines...again, I call Vizio and they want to walk me through the same BS with tech support. I told them I want a new TV - 2 $1, 300 TV's break within 5 months and they won't give me my money back, that is not their policy...I guess they really don't care if they go out of business. Happy ending though, I called Sam's club and told them my story - absolutely NO PROBLEM for me to return it, 5 month old receipt, no original box, for a full refund! I will NEVER buy a VIZIO product again, but Sam's has a customer for life!

Problems with hd reception

In July of 2008 I bought a Vizio 32" plasma from Walmart. Since I live in an area that only has one tv broadcasting station I am somewhat limited for channels. However, that one station does broadcast both CBS and Fox. At the present time there are two CBS frequencies; CBS-SD (Standard Definition) and CBS-HD. This piece of crap Vizio will not receive CBS-HD properly. The picture is there but it is covered with blinking green squares. After MANY HOURS on the phone Vizio finally contracted a local repairman to replace the tuner board. No difference! Vixio then agreed to replace it but I had to pay for UPS to pick it up. It took them three weeks before I got the replacement. Same problem!
Every business that I have spoken to about this problem have received the same complaint from other Vizio owners. The TV station has done numorous tests to assure that they are well within the FCC requirements. They even brought another TV to my house and hooked it up to the same antena and HD came in perfect!
In my bedroom I have an Hitachi and a Sony in the kitchen--- no problem receiving CBS-HD. Vizio still refuses to admit their TVs have a problem receiving HD channels and outright refuses to refund my money. This is not fair!! I guess my only recourse is to take them to court.

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    captron Oct 19, 2009

    I have a 37" LCD Vizio and mine works great, I am getting my tv signals off the air waves, no cable or satilite service. I am very pleased with it.

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Refused a refund

I bought a vizio back in feb.2008 and have had nothing but problems when the 90 day return policy was up. The first tv was repaired twice then finally had to be replaced.. The second tv hasnt been any better.. 90 days after the second tv was delivered we started having all kinds of technical problems with it. It went off during the ufc big fight and never came back on. Needless to say they will fix or relace this unit, , , again.!!! Thank goodness for the 2 yr extended service plan. Looks like ill need it. I would love to have a refund, but of course they do not stand behind there products enough to admitt when enough is enough trouble for one person. Do not buy vizio unless you are only looking for a short term working television. And want to be tv less till they fix or replace your other one.

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    Ronniep Jun 23, 2009

    We bought a Vizio 47" LCD at Costco (3 hours a way) for $1699.99. When we got it home we found it to have grey areas in the black. we loaded it up and returned it...3 hours away. thinking no prob to return. NO! they said we had to call Vizio. We did. After days of fight they said to take a pic, and send it. We did and no response. We kept it. 2 years later it suddenly went dead. we called to find that our 2 year warranty was up 1 month ago. They said our light went out and that is not worth the $ to repair . What suckers we were. Defective and they will not stand behind! We thought we would support them as they were supposed to be for the people (as I heard, anyway) We are just sick about this. disgusted! and saddened with humanity.

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Power supply outage

I purchased a 32 inch vizio television a little over a year ago, I was given a one year warranty. After a little over a year the power supply conked out. I talk to several customer service employees including a person from the corporate office by the name of Andrew McGehen of the corporate office. This gentelmen was even more condescending then his customer service employees. They would not do anything to take care of the fact that their company sold me a faulty television, basically do not purchase anything from vizio they have faulty products and terrible customer service.

  • Br
    brg369 Feb 03, 2009

    Read the warranty. Mine broke too, but I ordered a $43.00 part and it works perfectly again. Many other manufacturers lcd tvs are unrepairable.

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  • Ja
    jamesros Feb 24, 2009

    My 32 Vizio has a power problem and it is 14 months old. Whats up with this just being out of waranty

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  • En
    enp33511 Dec 21, 2011

    Same problem. My 32" Vizio tv is only 13 months old. 1 day my power flickered for no reason and my tv hasn't worked since. Vizio will not do anything because it is after their 1 year warranty. I will never by a Vizio product again. I took my tv to a local repair shop and they told me it is the power supply and it will cost $200 to fix. It was already a $400 tv. As I looked around the repair shop I noticed that most of the tv's that were laying around were Vizio. (Big Surprise!!)

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Bad quality/poor cust service

New Vizio purchased 11/7/8, t.v. kept shutting off. Bad Power Supply. Already purchased 4yr extended warranty. Returned unit back to Wal-Mart 11/22/8. Run around with Customer Service about getting warranty refund back. !st told I wasn't in system. Then given 2 bad phone numbers to call. Finally got a correct phone #, and was given a bad e-mail address and mailing address to properly cancel extended warranty. I feel this is a fraudulent way to scam customers, because you only have 30days to cancel a warranty for a full refund. Sending cancellation request via certified mail. Should have viewed previous complaints before buying this junk. At least I found out in time to return back to store and purchase a more reliable brand. STAY AWAY FROM VIZIO...IT'S JUNK!!! AND YOU'LL GET A VERY FRUSTRATING RUNAROUND FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Digital tuner stops working after 1 year

Purchased a 20" LCD HDTV which worked perfectly for one year then the digital tuner took a dump. I returned...

Poor sound loud statick terrible customer service

letter I wrote to ceo of vizio Inc. William Wang, 39 Tesla Irvine, CA 92618 United States Founded in...

Terrible customer service

I purchased a Vizio VX32L television at Costco in Dec 2007. After a few weeks of using the unit, a 4"...

Terrible customer service!

Jan. 27, 2008 I went to wal-mart in wasilla to check out the vizio advertised for $647. I wanted to apply at the cash register for a W-M credit card. I took the form from the tv area to the register with me. Two cash register clerks said they did not know how to register me as the form directed. They sent me to customer service. The lady entered my info twice but could not access the service. She knocked the form off the counter by accident. It fell into the water on the floor. She did not offer to get another one. I am elderly, disabled and was using a motorized cart. The good offer on the vizio is good only until Feb. 2 and it involves using the credit card.

  • Y
    Y$$$$$$ Sep 24, 2008


    William Wang, 39 Tesla

    Irvine, CA 92618 United States Founded in 2002 Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that I am TV. Extremely disgusted of your customer service dept. and tech support dept. I purchased it, At Costco a 20 inch HDTV. From the start I had problems with very low sound. I called and a tech told me that was pretty much the way it was with that size TV. Now the sound has a very loud static in the speaker itself. I called again and there's no record of my previous calls, at this time, I have been asked to get the original sale slip and fax it in. I was given instruction on where to fax it. And told that when they received the fax they would arrange to have me mail in the tv for repair. They never acknowledged the fax. I called several times and they said they couldn't fmd it. Then it was "what is your customer service number" I was never given that either. I called again customer service and this I was told to mail back the tv and they would send me a new one. I question how to mail it back. They said someone would get back to me with the information. A few hours later Rubin from tech support called me and gave me the address to mail back the tv. He never gave me the R.M.A number. He said he would send me out packing material. I complained that this is going to take weeks before I receive the replacement. His answer no. you'll get the packing material in two days. That was six days ago. Today I called once again, and found out the packing material was never ordered. Now they promised to send it out a/s/a/p. This ordeal started on Sept 13, and today is Sept 22, I have not made any progress what so ever. Today I had to ask for a Case number. And a RMA number I had to ask for a supervisor and make a complaint. By the way when you call the tech support number your given an 800 number for quicker service, try dialing and you hear music and then your disconnected. Needless to say I am totally turned off to your company and to your televisions', and will make complaint to the BBB and to Costco. Your customer service people
    and tech people are totally inept .

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  • Mi
    Min Jan 27, 2009

    I absolutely agree to your email and complaint .. they do have the worst Customer Service on Earth. I don't know how companies like this even exist !! I lost so much money in buying a TV from them.. I too am stuck with a defective product !!! How did you send an email to William Wang ? Did you get any response from them ? I would like to do the same..

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  • Gi
    Githuki Aug 30, 2009

    I bought a 50 inch vizio plasma tv in June 08 from WallMart. By February 09 ...just 9 months ater, both the sound and the video signals disappeared. I called the company and after a long wait they sent a repair man in March. The diagnosis was that the parts that were defective were so expensive that the company decided it was not economical to repair my tv and opted to send me a similar tv (refurbished) of course, despite my protestation. Come July 09 just as my original warranty was lapsing the tv packed up. My point, not only do they have the worst custommer service, they are selling lemons and buyers need to be aware that vizio electronics may be cheaper than other brands but they are of the poorest quality, and eventually less cost effective.

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The worst service I have ever had in my life!

Sams Club Fort Myers Florida - I had purchased a service contract on both of my 32" Vizio LCD televisions. Twice they directed me to call a service department that does not service Vizio televisions. It has now been more that 3 months and the last service center they sent me to has had more than a month to find the part and have yet to do it. Every time I call them it will take "3-5 business days to check this out" . I got a call (now more than 3 months later) stating that they did receive a correspondence from the service center about not being able to find the parts so their " parts service department are going to get involved and try to find the part. Where were they before? How long must I go without my televisions? Isn't a service contract sold to stop something like this from happening? why have a service contract if it is going to take longer than anyone should ever have to wait. Imagine if in a couple of weeks they find the part, then I can wait to have it repaired.

Listen carefully do not ever buy anything from Sams Club that might possibly need servicing... I called on December 19, 2006 and it is March 22, 2007 and they still have not resolved the issue. It is the worst, let me say this again, it is the worst service I have ever had in my life. It is unbelievable that they would call this a "service contract" What a joke.

  • Bi
    Billy S Apr 09, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Sound's like a Sam's club issue. Someone else mentioned a problem with the remote, and having to get up to change the channel... I mean cmon, use a $5 radio shack universal until they get it fixed, and don't nitpick. $700 for a 32" lcd HD is pretty good.

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Defective product, poor customer service!

Purchased a Vizio L30 TV from Sam's for $1,298.00. Remote control quit working. Sam's "repaired" it...