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+1 800 353 4207 (Product Discounts For Educators)
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+64 800 501 511 (New Zealand)
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+45 70 712 590 (Denmark)
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+41 435 08 8000 (Switzerland)
+852 21 239 000 (Hong Kong)
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+60 327 334 895 (Malaysia)
+63 570 7353 (Philippines)
+65 67 452 028 (Singapore)
+66 22 346 467 (Thailand)
+84 839 431 520 (Vietnam)
+54 800 222 1889 (Argentina)
+1 508 469 5278 (Text Only)
100 The Mountain Rd, PO Box 9168
Framingham, Massachusetts
United States - 01701-9168

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Bose Complaints & Reviews

May 02, 2021

BOSE — Customer service, follow up information to my phone calls

I am a long time user of Bose Lifestyle DVD surround sound home system as well as Bose Wave clock radio. In...

Jan 22, 2021

BOSE — Just getting the run around.

Reference s060841056 I sent my product back by ups to indiana repair department of bose. I called customer...

Jan 17, 2021

Bose Corp. — Unethical behaviour

Early November I connected my Bose lifestyle 650 system to my Samsung TV, I noticed after 20-25 mins my TV...

Bose CorporationQuietComfort 35II Star Wars

I ordered a new headphone in December last year, i received an open box used one, i request a replacement, in February 2 months later you guy tell me that the product is not longer available, i did give an option since is used item, i will keep with an discout but your customer service is very rude, a manager name Arron refused to talke to me.
My ID [protected]

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    Bose Corporationbose wave 1 radio

    My complaint is very simple and not complicated at all the directional book for this radio clearly states I can play my tuner or CD player with this specific radio. Nothing is malfunctioning and when the tuner is hooked up the radio doesn't have enough power to enjoy listening at volume 99 the music can be heard faintly. Since this is an older generation model I suspect Bose already knows of the problem and customer service tells me what I'm doing is not recommended even though the literature that came with radio clearly states I can.I feel Bose has misled the general public in this matter and I cannot seem to get any feedback due to a lack of care from bose Corp.

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      Bose Corporationbose wave touch tabletop radio/cd player

      I purchased this product directly from Bose about 6 months ago, certainly far less than a year ago. A few days ago I was listening to a CD and it wouldn't eject. I followed online instructions and then the radio went completely dead. I contacted Bose and after three transfers spoke with a rep who told me he would email me a UPS shipping label so I could send the radio for repair. I told him my printer is not working and asked to be mailed a label. He told me he could not do so but I could take the boxed package to the store and I would be in the system and they would print the label. My store is unable to do this. I asked to be sent a shipping box and apparently Bose doesn't do this either. What kind of extremely expensive product is this? What kind of service is this? I now have a defective product I can't use until my printer is repaired. Outrageous!

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        Bose Corporationheadphones


        I had long been craving for :

        The thing that i have bought on the seventh of this month
        For which I was longed for a very vlong time

        And besides this, your boss officials also knew very well.

        I am writing for this because some times you are very deeply attached to some things

        But here the issue is of two things...not the things specifically the two emotional factors one is my pet, my dog and another is my BOSE sound sport headphones ( those pics are attached )

        I made my mind on sound sport aqua while shying away from qc 35 Because here I wanted to buy that product for myself according to my need and purpose only.

        NEED & PURPOSE - THE HEADPHONES : ( what are my needs )

        • HEALTH - I was losing weight for a long time And dedicatedly I wanted something to do to fit my body, Tried many times to encourage myself, AND To be good, it is important to have a good environment And when you start something new alone, you have to create your own environment with you itself and with your surrounding things ( so I have decided to buy it for my health )

        • IELTS - I have been working for the past six years, When you are continuously working, and when the things came to my knowledge that the importance of your work is also in some other country so every human will try and I am trying too and Provided you have an Exemption Clearer and there is an speaking module that are to be clear first to reach over there
        ( so secondly have decided to buy it for my future perspective )

        • EAGERNESS TOWARDS BOSE - This euphroria is not of today Whom I have been already confirmed at beginning If i ever have the headphones then they will be the bose only.


        • Did not even complete one day, When I started using it then suddenly an accident happened ..whom do I blame

        Because that was happened between


        • Phone comes from my office and I go out for a few moments
        ( from Where ! from my bedroom ) Because that day I was at my house

        • It was not that he was tied or not...My dog ​​was well tied up...
        And on the otherside... My headphones were at on the centre of the bed..When I came back to my room, seemed that the headphones were missing from the bed...I saw that my cherry had eaten it in naivety...

        • I cried / Panicked seeing this scene, what would I do and the only things that comes in my mines and that was Whom to i speak ? Whom should I say ?

        • Both were special to my heart and now one was destroyed !

        I could not do anything even if I wanted to :



        - Mr. George This is the person who knows everything from the very first day...Even after knowing everything, they mislead about what they have done.

        - He was the first person whom I told all the tales, He gave me a bluff and ridiculed my feelings by offering 25% And one day later when the bose officer Mr. Sahil present at the store tells me about it.

        I am not angry at him but I am surprised that he knew my desperation and dedication towards product and all real facts about that...

        MY REQUEST:

        • Please replace it with new one :

        1) It happened on the same day.
        2) 24 hour did not even happened.
        3) Could not use even one day.
        4) My dog ​​(cherry) has no defects in it.
        5) It was accidentally.
        6) It was an accident.
        7) I have written all that just because I have got a mental shock.
        8) My hard earned money
        9) Now I'm going to kneel in myself
        10) My goal ( HEALTH + FUTURE IELTS + DESPERATION )

        Please replace it's a humble request

        For the sake of humanity

        MY SELF

        Anand Verma

        NOTE : Attached pics of my love cherry + headphone along with Bill

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          May 27, 2019

          Bose Corporation — bose 700 series remote synchronising issues

          I have been advised by your US CS agent after long chat that my 700 series sound bar remote need to be...

          Bose Corporationbose soundsport in-ear headphones

          Advertising is misleading... a straight lie... advertising says "for use with ipod, iphone, ipad" the apple products don't have a straight adapter (plug-in) no where on the packaging does it state you must purchase a separate adapter to fit the ipod, iphone, ipad... no where does it state for use with older model apple products that have the straight plug-in. I purchase bose products for their integrity not to be misled. I am very upset as I already have the in ear headphones with the straight plug-in and wanted one that is compatible for the apple products I have. you should state for these headphones you must purchase the apple connector, or state that the volume control works with these apple products and the apple connector must be purchased separately... no where does it say this... total rip-off.. your products are too expensive not to get the description correct. misleading and just wrong... I am very upset 😡 and I will be sure to let everyone know not to trust bose products.

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            Bose Corporation — online transaction through facebook advertised merchant

            Hi there, I bought some bose goods (quiet comfort wireless headphones, soundsport free wireless headphone...

            Bose Corporationearphones & in-ear headphones | bose

            I purchase this earphones & in-ear headphones | bose from net and pay 210 saudi riyals by date 17/9/2018 and but my information and I got message that money already transfer to mas*kfnishin trade and up till now I did not get the item
            In email [protected]@yahoo.com
            Mobile no
            And I used this data for registration on the site of bose company

            earphones & in-ear headphones | bose

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              Bose Corporationaozo-deal website misleading and duping customers?

              I ordered as per your website and mail that stated as follows :

              Bose soundlink revolve wireless portable bluetooth speaker (triple black) for rs 3899

              After paying the courier the charges as stated above, I am shocked to receive a totally different product.

              To start with, the outer box mentioned bose mini speaker and not what I ordered.

              And inside the box is an unbranded cheap looking product.

              I called and spoke with 2 different people - amit and abhinav and informed them of my issue. Both of them assured me that they have received my complaint and have activated a replacement. They confirmed & committed that I will get my replacement by oct 1 latest.

              Since then, I have been trying their phone (+[protected]) daily : no one is answering the phone.

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                Bose Corporationsoundsport wireless


                I am staying in india I have purchased soundsports wirless bluetooth bose product from dubai duty free shop on 8/9/18.

                The charging case is started giving problem. Even after putting the charging case for 4 hrs. The case is getting charged only 20%. It is not getting charged 100%.

                I am surprised on quality of product and the brand name of bose...

                The product which is purchased 10 days back started giving such kind of problem.

                Looking forward for the support from bose in this regards.

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                  BOSE — headphones: customer service in the uae

                  I am a dutch national living in the uae. Over the past 3 years we have purchased 2 bose noise cancelling...


                  BOSE1 or 2 months for product change for 1 week product bose

                  I'd like the share my problem with my local bose store which is bose turkey and bose global. I bought the product four weeks ago from londo - bose covent garden store and then I came back my country, turkey. After a week later, it's break down, I took the prduct to bose turkey and they said that there will be a product change. I said okay, when can I take the new one? Their answer was; 1 month later or much more. They have no stock for changing. But when I checked their website; they have. (http://www.modern.com.tr/bose/product/kulakliklar/bluetooth-kulakliklar/bose-soundlink-ii-kablosuz-k...).
                  I dont want to wait 1 or 2 months for a new product. I just used it 4 or 5 days. Bose hasa a really good customer care (I guess).
                  Also, when I said that you've a product, I checked your website. They said that; we have little stock for this product and we would like to sell them first.
                  I wrote several mails to bose global but, they don't care my problem. Also, I asked warranty issues to the bose store in london where I bought the product and everything was seemed perfect about international warranty. But all of these are different and abnormal in real life. Yes, i'm very sad but not for my headphone. Sorry about; this unsolved and a pack of lies process for this kind of company.

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                    BOSEbose wave music system iv

                    I received the music system within a few days of ordering. However, brand new out of the box, the cd player wouldn't eject the disk. Customer service wanted me to send it back so they could troubleshoot and repair their product then return it to me. I said I wanted a new wms iv. Was told they could do that but it would take 60 to 90 days. Seriously!! Told them I wanted my money back. Was told it would take two weeks for my refund. A month later, still no refund. I had to call again and talk to a supervisor before I finally got my money back. I have wanted a bose since high school but I will never go thru this again.

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                      BOSEnot a reputable company

                      I've purchased earbuds from www.bose.com website and the ones arrived were broken. Sound was too quite and I could not hear a thing. I contacted customer service and asked for a replacement. Customer service replied 5 days later and said that I have to send the broken ones back and they will send me a replacement. I did as they said but since then I heard nothing from them. When I called the post office they said that earbuds were delivered, but when I tried to reach Bose they ignored me. I'm still waiting and have no idea what to expect.

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                        • Ma
                          Marconic Sep 11, 2018

                          Disappointed!! I bought a Bose quietconfort 20 in Bose store at www.amazon.co.uk and the earbuds had a physical damage right after I bought them. I contacted Bose Technical Support and they said they do not repair their headphones. The only thing they can do is to offer a 17, 5% discount to buy a new one.

                          0 Votes

                        Bose Quiet Comfort II Headphonesplastic junk

                        The design of the $299 bose quiet comfort ii noise-canceling headphones is flawed. The plastic used in the headband cracks under the stress of normal use. We have gone through three sets in two years. Bose replaced the headphones twice at minimal cost to me, but now that the third set has snapped, i'm not even going to bother asking them to replace them again. They work very well and are very comfortable to wear, but the material defect makes them a bad investment.

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                          • Li
                            Linas Feb 26, 2011

                            I received a Quite comfort 3 headphone $345. These headphone is not comfortable. It squeese the ears and hurts after 1 hour of use. When I returned the QC 3 to Santa Clara Ca. Store in Valley fair . The Manager proceed to tell me I can only get a credit after 9 days of buying the product contrary to the company's 30 day Return Policy. And I was treated like I was a lowlife by the Manager. Not a good product and not good customer service. Beware if you buy an expensive product the least they can do is treat you wellas a customer.

                            0 Votes

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