Virgin Activeunethically banning of a member

G Nov 28, 2017

On the 19th of October 2017, at the Rosebank Virgin Active, a member claimed that he OVERHEARD ME mention " Rosebank Virgin Active is becoming a gay gym as men are wearing tights and claims that I was aggressive towards him."

Myself and my training partner were training at the Rosebank Virgin Active gym. On that day we were training legs and moved around a lot, from the far side of the gym, close to the windows, to where the squat racks are. As we wanted to do some leg press, we saw that both the machines were occupied. We approached both the people on the said machines and asked how long they would be so that we could wait to use the machine. Once they told us that they would be there a while, we left and moved on to the Smith Machine to do our squats.

Whilst we were busy with our workout, the "Captain" of the club approached me stating that someone has lodged a complaint against me. This shocked me and my training partner, as we had absolutely no clue what he was talking about, or what the complaint was, as we had NO interaction or altercation with anyone during our entire workout.

When I asked the Captain what was this all about, he stated that the person lodging the complaint "OVERHEARD" our conversation (between my training partner and myself), and took offence to it. I told him how ridiculous this actually was and asked him to verify with the complainant if I have ever spoken to them directly regarding their complaint. He, the Captain, was taken aback when he had realised that there was absolutely NO conversation between myself and the complainant. I mentioned to him that this was an invasion of MY privacy (eavesdropping on a private conversation) and then concocting some false accusation against me.

I mentioned to the Captain that I was not entertaining any of this, that the complainant had NO proof on his accusation, and then the Captain went to the complainant to verify my statement, that myself and the complainant had absolutely NO conversation. Thereafter, we continued with our workout.

All of the above was then proven by CCTV evidence that Grant (Club Manager) said he saw. "

During our meeting (Grant and myself) we discussed the matter and I stated my case to him, giving him scenarios of people chatting with each other, and someone overhearing bits of the conversation, and how it could be totally misinterpreted.

I also mentioned to Grant that many of the Rosebank regulars complained about the Old Eds people, and wished that that they could leave and go back to Old Eds. How do I know if the complainant was not one of them and by creating this accusation, have me banned from Rosebank, or worse, from Virgin Active totally. If not, then I would have a blemish to my name, and in the future the complainant could get a friend of theirs to lodge another complaint against me, based on NOTHING, and before you know it, I am banned from the gym.

Subsequently, I have been informed that based on the word of one member, and without any witnesses (Yet I have a witness, the person working out with me) and without a shred of evidence from the accuser, i have been banned/sespended from Rosebank Virgin Active for a period of 3 months.

It is now evident that a member can get banned/suspended from a Virgin Active club by simply having any other member make any accusations against any the member, without an ounce of proof.

Virgin Active cannot protect me or any other member against such vile and malicious behaviour from some of their vindictive club members.

This is absolutely ridiculous as video footage confirm my statement of events, but yet Virgin Active confirm that I was in breach of the clubs rules and regulations.

So if anyone dislikes another member of Virgin Active, just state that you OVERHEARD them saying anything, an that offended you, and that member, without even realising it, will be banned or suspended from the club.

Surprised and Disgusted with how Virgin Active makes and takes decisions on issues that could affect a members reputation and enjoyment at their health clubs.

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