Virgin Active / unethical behaviour and lies

Dear sir,

Independent investicagtion into a case of health and safety concern / racial bias

Hello! I’m a david boboye, the father of lola boboye of flat 48 gillfoot, hampstead road, london nw1 2jp. I hope that you and your family are doing well. I am a virgin active swiss cottage member. The reason for my writing you this letter is that I want you to intervene in a particular matter of disagreement between myself, my local virgin active gym (Virgin active swiss cottage gym o2 centre, swiss cottage, unit 2, level 1, o2 centre, 255 finchley road, 3 adamson rd, london nw3 6lu and my family.

I feel I have been unfairly treated not to talk of the unprofessional conduct of the staff and attention they have shown. My daughter was injured at the club sometime in may 2016 to which she broke her tooth and it was as a result of the staff’s negligence however, I think do much about it as it was my local club and I had a friendly relationship with the staff I didn’t want to have a reputation of the member that sued the gym. So I did nothing about it.

Fast forward 2 months later an altercation happened between myself and a lifeguard at the local club to which I expressed my displease at the staff’s rude approach toward me however to my amazement the management in particular the general manager jan smith (Who is currently denying the incident of my daughter breaking her tooth ever happened ever happened) took a view that I should be banned from the club. At the time I didn’t understand why, as I felt this was an extreme response to a simple matter. I have now recently found out that the incident that happened to my daughter in august was never reported into the accident books which I find very unprofessional as the health and safety rules state that all accidents or near misses should be reported. At this point I realised my treatment was unfair and probably done because of a cover up.

I have the prerogative of making this into a legal claim however; I want to address this in a way other than that no one experience what I have been through.
I would like you sir to get involved either personally or through a trusted assistant who will look into this objectively. I have been speaking to the martyn jones, customer service manager – family division but it’s like talking a brick wall. All I ask is that an independent review be conducted to show fairness and to confirm the date of the accidents and if I am found to be out of order then I can be excluded but until then I see this as a racial exclusion.

My contact details are as follows [protected], [protected]

David boboye

Nov 11, 2016

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