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Menlyn, ZA

I am currently paying for a professional coach to teach my child swimming techniques at Virgin Active Menlyn in the big pool, whereby I am also paying Virgin Active to make use of this service. Therefore I am paying double for a service. My daughter has been swimming at this club for more than 3 years.

About two weeks ago I was informed that my daughter is not allowed to take part in her swimming lesson if I am not sitting at the pool. First of all, why am I paying an instructor to teach my child if I have to make sure she is safe while swimming.

I do not see why this makes sense at all. For instance, it is not required of the parent to be inside the vehicle while the child is getting a driver's lesson. Is this not why we pay professionals?

This means that I am not allowed to gym while my daughter is getting her professional swimming lesson. I am currently paying for a service (gym fees for myself as well) which I am not allowed to use.

I do understand that there are small children that a being taught "how to swim" in the small pool, but how does that relate at all to the fact that my 11 year old is not allowed to swim in the big pool with a professional instructor without me being present? Again...this is a service which we are paying for...therefore it is the instructor's responsibility to make sure our children is safe while swimming.

I have contacted Planet Fitness to check their rules and regulations. They confirmed that the parents are allowed to train while the children have a swimming lesson.

I believe Planet Fitness is also a partner of Discovery.
This matter will be taken up with Discovery.

Mary'Lee Wilson

Nov 27, 2017

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