Virgin Active South Africa / security

Centurion, South Africa

Friday morning 27 January 2017, between 05h00 and 06h00, at Vrigin Active [protected]@reds Centurion, my car's window was smashed and valuables removed from my car. Taking of up with manager Cobus van den Berg, the simple response was "we cannot keep valuablesbin our cars". Since some of us have busy lifestyles, we wake up early from where we're immediately off to work. It is almost expected, operating a business between 05h00 - 21h30, that the security of members are valued and considered. It therefore only makes sense that security also operates during these times. Even more so to provide security to the staff operating even outside these times.

I've been a regular member for the past ten years and expect issues to be treated in a much more professional manner than telling me "don't leave valuables in you car". Questioning the security cameras I was told "yes we have cameras but it's not clear and only used for evacuation purposes".

On a different note, there are also small groups of female friends exercising together and also told by the same manager that " classes are not allowed without using instructors". When the ladies state that they will lodge a complaint they were told they are welcome as the complaintsngo to him as manager in any event! What arrogance!

I truly hope the abovementioned will be treated with the required attention and feedback given (and not imply brushed off).

Jan 28, 2017

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