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K Mar 07, 2017

To whom it may concern

It has been a over an year that virgin active has been operational in ballito and yet there are unresolved issues which no staff or managers seem to be willing to resolve and this will lead to cancellation of memberships and major fights as I have witnessed.

1. The air conditioning never operates properly and due to the size of the gym it is so hot that you could literally have a heat stroke, how must one train under those circumstances??? Upon complaining about the issue to management, we are just told that it will be resolved but its been months now and this continues. First complaint was 9 months ago.

2. Lack of free weights and machines available and too many members thus leaving many members standing around sometimes up to 15 mins just waiting for machines and weights. This is just ridiculous as the club chose to take on so many members yet cannot provide enough machines and weights for all members to train comfortably. On some evenings there isn't even parking available, this club is just too small, I have trained at other clubs and did not have this issue. I have actually witnessed arguments and fights due to lack of machines and weights and I myself have been involved in arguments. Will this be resolved only when someone is badly hurt???

Please note that I am not paying r950 per month to deal with such frustrating issues when I love gyming and I do it 5 days week yet now I actually hate going to gym because of these bad experiences at virgin active ballito. We cannot cope on a daily basis with just the regulars coming in so imagine what issues we deal with when its festive periods as the the entire joburg population fills our area which is extremely frustrating.

I await an urgent response regarding my issues experienced as I will continue to take this to higher authority if no joy here.

Karsen govender

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