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Johannesburg, South Africa
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I have been a member at the Waterfall club since June 2017. When I joined, they said, should I gym 10 times or more, that I would get a R1000 cash back begin August. I joined and reached my target even though I only joined halfway through June.

I signed up at your premises for a debit order with one of the ladies, cannot remember her name, and she filled in all the paperwork. End of June there was no deduction from my account but I received an email and a call form Virgin stating my account is in arrears. I then asked them to double check my banking details and nothing happened. I still have proof of these emails

I then had to call Virgin in August to rectify this issue and my account was brought up to date end of August. Now Virgin says that I forfeited my R1000 money back because my account went into arrears to which I do not agree.

My argument is that this was not due to any fault from my side, but was because of your club, and therefore still want my R1000 back.

After numerous phone calls to the Virgin customer service, who kept saying they’ve escalated it to the club, I still haven't received any feedback from the club nor from the customer service people. This after i get promised a turnaround time of maximum 48 hours.

Time elapsed since my first call is roughly 560 hours without resolution.

Sep 26, 2017

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