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Complaints & Reviews

unnecessary charges and involvement of lawyers

I joined Virgin Active Westville in 2006, but due to ill health after an injury I was unable to continue.I informed the gym personnel and I was made to write a letter of cancellation which was sent to Head Office in Cape Town by fax and snailmail. To my surprise now I keep on getting theatening calls from MBD Attorneys in Johannesburg whereby Virgin Active handed over my account much as I did not utilize their services for the period. Please help me before they blacklist me.

Our agreement was finalised in 2007/8. I cannot live like this anymore.
Ms. Nontsikelelo Makhanya

personal training structure

As a current employee of Virgin Active UK I can completely tell you the role I applied for was more than oversold. As a personal trainer, I have had nothing but inconsistent pay-cheques, demoralising UNPAID days (and days and days) at work and very little thanks from the management clique that hang out in the office all day.

Virgin 'prides' itself on how well it treats its employees. No. It scams its personal trainers at entry level paying you £11 p/hr and taking the rest for the company (looking at minimum £24). An advanced PT (which by the way it takes over 20 clients and delivering 25hours a week minimum, consistently for the period of three months- while hitting sessions sold and new client targets continuously for those months, to even get there. Complicated- YES.) gets £15p/h and elite gets £18.

Take into consideration that an elite PT could actually be the most incompetent, same-programme-using, potentially unsafe personal trainer you have ever seen. Elite PT is not chosen on quality of care or quality of sessions it is purely on sales. Because that is all that Virgin Active the corporate, money-spinning company cares about. Money.

Unrewarding except for some of the fantastic friends you make. Be prepared to spend your time off discussing what you're doing to get out...

cant cancel my virgin active account

I have been a virgin active account holder for a couple of years already.

I contacted Virgin Active in June 2009 to cancel my membership. I was advised to confirm closer to the end of the month to verify cancellation, only to be told that I need to also fax cancellation letter. This was a fair request. So I did as requested on the 2nd of July. (I was told if the fax comes through before 5 it will be stopped for the July month.)

I again contacted them in august only to be told if i fax through a cancellation letter the membership will be stopped at the end of August.

I have now paid an extra three months fees, as i cannot cancel my membership. I need this fixed as soon as possible. I also would like the extra fees paid back into my account.

I am really frustrated with their unprofessionalism

On the 1 August 2009, I noticed on my bank statement that Virgin Active had debited my account with R150. That was not meant to happen as I had frozen my gym membership.

I had contacted Buella on 5 August explaining my query to her. She first told me to fax her a copy of my bank statement, which I find really silly as they would have a record of the R150 being credited to their account. I did so none the less. A week later I had still not heard from her and when I called her again she claims not receiving the copy. During my countless correspondence with Buella she had confirmed with me that some members accounts had been debited erroneously. She also told me to check my bank account after the 10 September to see if the R150 had been credited to my bank account again to reverse the error. I am now doing her work. Again, I faxed her on the 22 AND 23 September 2009. I had to fax her twice as she again claimed that she had not received any faxes.

When I called her today for the umteenth time, she said she would call me back after 2pm it is now past 5pm. I am now really frustrated with her unprofessional. It does not take this long to sort out a query.

bad customer service

I am very upset! I go to Broadacres Virgin Active, and have been a happy customer until NOW! I started...

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still no refund after 11days

I filled a report on the 01.09.09, they said that they are very sorry about the fault from there side and that they will refund me, Then they phone me and tell me that i must go and check my bank statments when they deducted the money and bring it to them and then only will they refund me. How dont they dont know when they stole my money???

diamond membership scam

Joined Virgin Active, Diamond Membership, was told this was the best for me and i would tied in for 12...

Chelmsford Fitness Centers

hounded for payment not owed

I took out a Membership earlier in year went for a trial decided not for me within the 7 day cooling period i sent a cancellation letter to Head Office thinking that was that.
The Head Office called 2 months later to say no payments I advised I had cancelled in writing they say no letter received and I owed £600 for Years membership for something I had one hour trial with and cancelled!
Since then I have had debt agencies hounding me and calls and visits from debt recovery!!
Is this how Richard Branson expected his Customers to be treated? I doubt it very much.
Meanwhile I have now been that stressed with it as in this period I have had miscarriage break down and this to deal with too, so I have now sent a letter to Richard Branson which may be read by him or not but last resort to get these people to leave me alone...PLEASE!!!

diamond membership

I have been a member of Virgin Active for years before changing my membership to a diamond membership when I realised I was paying considerably more than some friends were. I am a trained lawyer and I was simply told that there was a 12 month contract but that it was a rolling contract so that it would carry on after the initial 12 months.I was not told that I would be locked in for another 12 months. While in my 2nd year I enquired about changing my membership to off peak and was told by reception I would have to wait until August before I could change it. I contacted them today (October) and have been told I will have to wait until next August before I can change. I spoke with the New Zealand girl there and quite frankly had the most enormous row with her. I explained that I was never told what a rolling contract was, my understanding is that it was a 12 month tie in and then it went on a month by month basis. Secondly when I enquired about the change I was told I would have to wait to August why wasnt I told that I would have to come in and ensure it was done in August failing which the contract renewed for another 12 months. On two occassions they therfore failed to explain the contract to me. I suggested they look at the training of their staff on this point (on all other points they are excellent) but she flatly refused to see that there had been any f ault on their part. Quite frankly this stinks of an unfair contract and mis selling and I m surprised that no one seems to have posted that they have succeeded in their argument. It was an argument over £120 and as a family we have spent over £7000 over the years I was more than surprised at the lack of movement on their part, they obviously dont seem to mind losing customers or is it that they know that their customers have to diarise the aniversary of the membership and then within a 17 day period cancell it and that most people are either too busy or disorganised to do this and so they have got you for another 12 months .I hate the way they are so secretive about their membership fees in general, they definetely push the diamond membership at you as the best one for you, but really it is the same thing as a 12 month fixed but with a hidden tie in and Im sure they dont even tell you what the price differential is just that the diamond is cheaper and that the price is fixed for life (although if you look in the small print thats not true either it goes up if inflation above 5% or changes in vat).I am going to look into this futher and will be grateful if anyone can let me know whather they have succeeded.

paying gym premium, no gym

I joined virgin just after having a baby late 2007. Which after a few weeks of realising i'm unable to attend gym because of the work i do and the little time i had to spare for gym, i requested termination of my membership to the branch manager. He informed me that i should contact the head office to request assistance. During 2008 I called virgin head office to try and get assistance and i was told i have a 24month contract which i cannot terminate. I requested them to adjust the member who will be using the gym to my husband, because he had time to go to the gym but they still refused. I laid back for a while and with some fortune in September 2008 I got appointed for a job in Tzaneen, 369Km's from Pretoria where i initially resided. I consulted virgin to help me terminate the contract because there's no virgin gym in the area i cannot pay for a non-service. The consultant Ashley Jacobs told me he can only work out a settlement qoute which i'd need to settle to cancell the membership. I informed him that i'm not at a position of making any financial commitments because of the financial constraints im in. I even eluded the fact that since i joined virgin i've only visited their facilities once. During the period of September 2008 and now October 2009 i've requested virgin to stop the monthly deductions of R205.00 they take because there is no Virgin gym in the area i'm in and it is rather a robbing game that they are playing, because i even gave them proof that i'd me working in tzaneen. So for 12 months i've paid virgin R2460.00 excluding transaction charges for NOTHING. I recently sent an email to Mr. Ashley Jacobs to inform him of my history with their service and surprising they still went on to debit my account on the 15th September and 01 October 2009, even after i made communication with them. I really need your help because having to travel home every second weekend is trully costing me, my living expenses are high because of the distance i am from my family, and any fruitless expenditure makes no sence at all to me and my family. Please help.

multiple debit orders

I joined the Virgin Active at Waterstone Village on 29th June 2009. I paid R100 joining fee in cash.
During that time the gym was still in it's building progress and was supposed to be finished for use on the 8th of July. Thus I was ensure that there would be a partial payment of my monthly R379 debited of my account. Even though I joined for July only and was only going to be able to start making use of the facilities on 8th July, the debit of the full amount of R379 went off my account on 30th June. Additionally another R285.45 was taken from my account. In this case as there was not enough money available in the account the debit order bounced back which caused my bank account to be debited with R105 unpaid item fee by FNB. I immediately cancelled my membership within the 5 day cancellation period. It was promised that I will receive all my money back including the R105 which was charge by the bank for unpaid item fee. The membership was cancelled on 6th July. Today is the 13th of July and I still haven't got my money back. Now my account is overdraft and I had to pay another R40 to FNB for that.
The manager Mal (malcolm.[protected] made empty promises that I would have my money back in the next couple of days.
This eveing I will go to the club and demand my money back in cash. I will post the follow up.

bad service

On wednesday (11march 2008), I asked virgin to fax me a copy of the timetable for a studio class. I attended the step 1 beginner class only for the instructor to deal personally only with his regulars as it was a intermediate class. Six of us walked out and I complained by lee anne on duty and she said it would be sorted out. To date I have not heard a word from anyone. I had a caesar with my last baby and cannot for health reasons do a heavy class. What now... I pay my membership and get this pathetic service.

  • Se
    Senzeni Dec 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day,

    My sister registered with you my account details without my concert and she has since left the country, now you guys keep on getting money from my account. May you please deposit back the amount of R300 back into my account.
    My sister's name is Princess Mandava and my name is Senzeni M Mandava.

    Thank you!

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gym membership cancellation

I joined the thundesley club in August 2007, I had a membership for myself and my two children. At the time...



After my membership was cancelled I was still charged £37.95 TWICE EVERY MONTH! Having been to the wood green branch in person, I was told to wait for the call from James who was responsible for my membership. I never hear from him. I called for several times but I was prevented from talking to him for various excuses.

Is this the service you promised to you customer ?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Altaira Gao

cancellation of contract

I signed up a 2 year contract with Virgin Active and to be honest Im not sure for how long I went due to transport problems.So close to the end of that year(last year-2007) I sent them my letter to cancel the contract and explained why I cant
continue with it.So after I sent the letter I heard nothing from them-no letters-nothing.Now practically a year later I get a letter from the lawyers saying i owe VIRGIN ACTIVE money.

I think it's ### that nothing gets conirmed and I'm sure that they didn't even bother with the letter.My dad had problems cancelling his contract aswell.

  • Le
    Leonard Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry i meant-confirmed

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  • Th
    Thandazilen Aug 22, 2016

    I've signed up in Virgin Active in 2015 -06-26 and i was informed that my contract is 12 month's and i was getting a discount with Momentum. December 2015 we were changing medical aid scheme to Discovery so i have to cancel my momentum to Vitality.Unfortunately momentum cancelled everything and when i went to the gym i didn't have an access, Then i was given a consultant (Sphamandla) to assist me.He gave me a new card and i told him that i June it will be 12 months and I'll cancel and he said i can..fine.On the 18 July i went to cancel and i was informed that i have 7 to go and that means i was misleaded by someone who wanted to make commission out of my expense.When i complained no one gave me a Member Service Thanda, Mzokhona, Sphamandla and one of the reception lady who was there on the 18 July .Am well aware that my account is in areas because i was being Dr on the 4th, 15th, 10th wrong dates, and im only getting paid on the 20. Sphamandla did all the wrong things to get Commission.I told Mzo that my Contract must be cancelled by the end of 31, 07/2016..He said he'll get back to me, up untill now. Even i went to gym he said he's to busy to talk to me..Am only going to pay my areas from July and back forward. Without any interest.. Your response will be much and highly appreciated. [email protected]

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virginactive experience!

I joined VirginActive in NOv 07. Paid the monthly fee plus joining fee (£90) staff were so busy they didn't have time to give me an induction to the equipment. Within 3 days of using the gym I injured my knee severely. I informed the gym straight away and sent a letter that stated I would be unable to use the gym until further notice. I also sent in proof of my hospital letters etc. I was told to pay a £10 freezing fee, which I paid.

So in Jan 08 they took out the whole monthly amount of £50! I attempted to speak to a manager on 4 occassions and was promised call backs that never happened. Over Email I threatened a solicitor, then I received a call back. I was told that I had to pay a £10 freeze monthly or they would charge me the full membership fee - on small problem... No one told me that, and it doesn't state that in the terms and conditions!! How was I to know!!

To cut a long and frustrating story short, it took 3 months to get a response from VirginActive, every time I called I was dealt with by a seperate person and then finally I had a letter stating that I needed to pay a buy-out fee of £225. No refund for Jan and I had 10 days to pay the fee or I would be handed over to a debt agency!! Bullying or what!! Hilarious when they never gave me any respect with response times at all.

Don't use this gym. Customer service is rubbish and its a rip off. They didn't give a monkeys of the impact on my life when undergoing surgery over Christmas and my work life and social life messed up.

Awful awful experience and a pricey one too.

lack of information and attitude (customer service)

We recently joined the club for the purpose of that we are wrestlers and need the extra training during the december holidays. My argument sake I s that the salesperson is very quickly to sell to you a contract without explaining the neccessary information that you need to know.

I have an 8 year old boy, that is also a wrestler. The night when we joined the salesperson told me for an extre fee of r75.00 you can join your son as well to come and exercise. Which we did and only to find out that he is only allowed on a certain equipment (in fact only 2...) for heaven sake that is not enough for him to train on.

Then you get personel at this specific gym that don't have the skill to speak to you as the customer who is paying his salary. I didn't take his name down for he didn't even weared his name badge. He literally sweared and raised his voice to my father who was at that stage on supervision over my child. I mean how can any company employ a person that can't handle any situation profesionally. And do you know what damage this did to my child..

I am horrified about the service

  • Pr
    Priscanet Jan 26, 2012

    it is a customer's responsibility to ask what s/he is not clear about, i mean somethings are questionable if you pay less like that R75 one should be cautious and ask what does it entitle.this complainant is harsh, s/he is not paying His salary rather he is helping the company to pay his salary, i am not sure of what had happened since i was not there but this complainant's has attitude.

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problems with club membership agreement

I entered an agreement of a gym membership at Virgin Active (Cape Town South Africa) for a period of 1 year...

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