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You might think the new club is only 10% smaller, but then you are completely misinformed because that is not the case. It is far more than that.
No squash courts, no sauna, less and smaller pool lanes, way too little floor space to stretch, smaller studio, no power plates, etc. Do have a look at the floor plans of both gyms and inform yourself.
You are trying to pour the content of a 1 litre bottle into one cup.

And you never had the decency to even inform any of the members of the decrease in space.

And if you think the equipment you gave us is state of the art, you are also mistaken. All the equipment we use in Cape Town are state of the art, yes, but not the ones we got.
No television stations, no music, nothing to look at while except the time and then there are even machines that are not working, so much for new and state of the art.

The functional floor space is way too little to even make good use of and nobody really knows what to do with the Queenax frame.
Management has put a barricade of heavy weights smack in the path that we are supposed to walk from the room containing some of the equipment needed for stretching. The rest is still inside the studio and you constantly have to disturb the class inside the studio. No bar inside the gym either. Plus the ventilation in the studio is insufficient, but that seems to fall on deaf ears because you kept a set of management that could not even do a proper job at the old gym, all you did was give them a new place without shacking up the inside.

And no, none of us while working out our using the rowing machines appreciate facing the heavy weights pumping iron in front of the mirror. Even they don’t have enough space and keep on bumping into each other.

Plus why are we on the third floor with a view and great big windows when nobody can look out, as someone was so bright and made all the equipment face the inside the gym, making me look at a##es in front of me or people swimming instead of looking at the view.

Your layout was not thought through at all and you are wasting an immense space with the two obsolete “consultation” rooms, ridiculous amount of Kauai tables and two couches.

You also used inefficient contractors because the finishes are already starting to deteriorate, i.e. loose toilet seats, electrical shorts inside changing rooms, insufficient or no hooks or anything to hang clothes on inside the lockers, trap gradient inside showers too little, insufficient lighting in bigger showers, shower with seating already has the shower with handle falling off, shower heads in general are terrible, etc. And the sauna is not water tight and you can see it leaking from the outside and mould starting to accumulate.

We used to love going to the gym. You have taken the love out of the equation and made us feel unappreciated.

Jan 11, 2017

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