Virgin Active South AfricaI was given an amount of r99 and deducted r675

Good day,

I had a gym membership for my sons and I at another gym and decided to join virgin active. I was told that my son and I could join and my fee would be R286.00, and my elder son Yusuf could not be on my gym membership so I had to take out a separate membership for him. I specifically told the lady that our gym fee was R99 per month and she said that is what our fee will be. We have not used this gym since may as I cannot accept that they are deducting R675 per month for my son which I pay for. This is false advertising and I believe intent to deceive me. I was never given a contract and was shown the fees part which clearly shows R99. in finer print which I was not show is the amount R675.
This is wrong and misleading and do believe I should be refunded in full for wrongfully debiting my bank account.
My son's membership number
Y Y Soobrayan [protected]
I pay for this gym fee, it is my bank details and my signature on this agreement.

Nov 23, 2018

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