Virgin Active South Africa / account dispute (not aware of the account)

germiston, South Africa
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Good day Ross

I have a query with regards to the account that was opened against my knowledge.

The virgin active sales representative came to our work place for wellness day in July of which I was interested in joining virgin active. I then made inquiries with the Representative by the name of Busi [protected]) of which she advised that you give out 7 days try out before the account was activated and if I don't like the gym I must let her know also if I like the gym I must tell her so she can send the account for activation. I signed the application forms as well as giving out my banking details. Busi promised that she will call me within 7 days to check if I am interested also to arrange for a personal trainer.

I never went to your gym and I have never used the gym. I got a call from virgin active call centre to advise that the account is in arrears in September and I advised them that I do not have an account, they promised to look into the matter but recently I have been getting SMSes from MBD attorneys to say that my account have been handed over and I was never advised that it will be handed over.

I am not going to pay for something that I have never used and also this adverse on my name is tarnishing my name on ITC, I can’t apply for credit as I have a credit. I need this matter to be resolved as your call centre can’t assist me they send me from one person to another. You can check on the card and it was never used. I don't even have the membership card.

I would love for this matter to be resolved as soon as possible as I need this adverse of my name.

I would like for this arrear to be removed on my name and the account to be closed.

My details
Maphefo Mamorobela
[protected]/ [protected]

Thanking you in advance
Awaiting for feedback

Maphefo Mamorobela

Jan 11, 2017

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