Virgin Active South Africaaccount

In the beginning of November 2016 I requested my account to be frozen during the holidays for 2 months as I am a student in Bloemfontein, so they said instead of me paying R390 a month I'll only pay R195 for the 2 months I froze it which was supposed to be R195 for November and another R195 for December. Instead, both months a debit order of R390 went off. So I phoned head office and they told me November's R390 would cover the R195 for November and R195 for December. So I said it's okay. Then In December another R390 went off they said it must of been a mistake and they will fix it and I won't have to pay in January, once again I said it was okay. Now in January another R390 went off!!! I don't understand what is going on with Virgin active but I'm highly upset

Jan 21, 2017

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