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Hello i'm a member at virgin and have had fiona morrison as a personal trainer. She never turns up, tells me about the drugs she takes (Coke and weed) and she has been under the influence of drugs whilst training myself! She is a disgrace and I am paying nearly 140 pounds a month and have found out she is charging some people much less as she is doing cash in hand with them! This needs resolving! I have terminated my pt and membership and will not be having a good word to say about this woman!

Feb 9, 2015
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      31st of Jul, 2015

    Ordinarily I wouldn't even bother to entertain reading this entire comment never mind responding to it but have chosen to as I am a long standing member of Virgin and have used Fiona as my Personal Trainer for a year and a half. Not only is none of this true (I train with Fiona at least 3 times a week) but it is a well known fact that the person calling themselves "Larry Mensly" has developed an unhealthy negative obsession with Fiona and is attempting to denigrate her reputation. I've decided to comment as I'd hope that anybody reading this won't allow the crazy ramblings of an anonymous poster to inform their opinion on the reputation of a professional who has worked hard to build her business from scratch. I'd urge anybody to contact Virgin and ask for a testimonial from any of Fiona's clients if they are unsure.

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      3rd of Jan, 2017

    I had personal training sessions from Fiona towards the end of when Virgin changed to Nuffield in Derby. I had to cancel all remaining PT sessions as she would always turn up late to every session and tell me that she was sorry and it was because she had been out the night before sniffing coke. I was once offered a lift home by Fiona who openly smoked weed on the journey home. She is a disgrace to her work and herself!

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